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We have 17 years of experience helping hundreds of coffee roasters from all over the world to build relationships with outstanding coffee producers from Latin America. We innovate and develop the potential of coffee farmers and communities that were once unknown, making an impact so that we can continue to enjoy coffee for generations to come.

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Everybody Wins


You can buy the exact quality level you need, from 83 points to competition winning microlots, all sourced from small holder farmers at origin.  We have on the ground operations in all the countries where we work, with full time buyers, professional cupping labs and teams of agronomists supporting farmers on a daily basis.

95% of the world’s coffee farmers are smallholders. Buying from us genuinely impacts the economic status of those farmers, and at the same time secures a more unusual coffee for your business.

How Farmers Benefit

- High prices, on average 60% above market levels
- Access to vocational education through our PECA program
- Price transparency and feedback helps farmers understand the value of their coffee in the marketplace
- Long-term relationships with roasters provide income security

How Roasters Benefit

- Consistently reliable quality
- A range of different grades to meet increasing budgets
- Full traceability – you know who produced every single bag
- The origin story – accurate facts and figures for your customers

How everybody wins

For our business to be successful and sustainable in the long term, everyone needs to benefit.  We ensure the price we are paying farmers is enough to secure their commitment and investment in quality for long-term production in the face of a changing climate, and to demonstrate a successful business model for the next generation. 

Our enduring mission is to add value: to provide a service that neither the farmer nor the roaster could do alone; to find markets for committed farmers; to provide unparalleled at-origin quality control process to roasters; to ensure the consistency and longevity of our product; to provide education to farmers to ensure quality improvement and cost effectiveness at farm level; and to provide transparency and traceability of our products.

Caravela is a privately-run coffee export business, with over 17 years of experience and the original founders at the helm. Our unique model allow us to be agile to meet market and farmer demands rapidly and effectively.  We innovate to seek efficiencies at all levels, from farm management, processing and shipping to quality control and advice on cost-effective buying strategy. 

Unlike many other specialty coffee models, our company exports coffee, rather than importing from a third party.  Our North American, Australian and European offices work on behalf of the 100 + staff members at origin to communicate the work we are doing on the ground, every day, and to facilitate long-term mutually-beneficial relationships between roasters and farmers.


Defined brands according to a consistent taste profile, quality level and budget help the roaster save time on blending and lot selection

Cost effectiveness

More cost effective to buy forward

freshest coffee

No pressure on cashflow: pay per delivery

Quality Range

Range of qualities available within each profile




Extensive QC process for reliability and longevity
  • 84,3% Average Score of all coffee purchased 84,3% 84,3%
  • 60%of the coffee purchased is AA or above. 60% 60%


We have created our own quality grading system so that you can repeatedly buy a specific quality, be it a blend component or a single origin.  This grading system also allows us to reward farmers according to the quality they produce, incentivizing quality improvements over time
Every day, throughout Latin America we receive parchment coffee from our network of over 4500 farmers in 45 purchasing warehouses and cupping labs.  We encourage them to deliver daily or weekly lots so that they can maximize their price and hedge their risks – even though for us that means cupping a lot more coffee!  Each lot is analyzed individually, first for physical quality – yield, % of defects, moisture and water activity.  Then we roast and cup it, grading it according to cup quality.  The prices farmers receive correspond directly to the quality determined in the lab, and feedback is given either immediately in person or through our farmer text messaging service.

Once purchased, the lots built into larger sets, adhering to the specific taste profile of that particular micro-region and quality grade Where a lot scores over 86 points, it’s separated and milled individually as a microlot.

This detailed process has enabled us to create our own brands: community blends made up of the coffee from a specific area, with a recognizable taste profile, and available in any quality grade.  This model enables our customers to plan ahead and to repeatedly buy according to a particular cup profile, quality level or price point as required.



Helping you know where your coffee comes from, not just the region or cooperative, but the actual people that create that great cup of coffee, is of paramount importance to us and has been a key principle since day one.

We have invested thousands of dollars in our own IT system that allows us to provide you with 100% traceability down to every kilo of coffee that we buy – no matter how large the lot.  This unique system also allows us to send text messages to each farmer, providing immediate feedback and price transparency.

100% traceability helps you develop long-term relationships with the real people and communities creating quality coffee at origin.

Your Team on the Ground


None of the work that we do would be possible without our team of highly committed QC analysts, educators, mill and warehouse staff.  We currently employ over 150 people at origin – most of them sons and daughters of coffee farmers.

These are the people that make sure that we source and purchase only the best coffee for you and that coffee farmers are constantly improving and following sustainable production standards.

It’s a team effort: every step of the chain is constantly improving to make sure your customers receive a quality product that is always sustainably produced.

We have pioneered a revolutionary and free agronomic education program that helps farmers improve not only the quality of their coffee, but also their quality of life.

Our Impact

Caravela is a privately-run coffee export business, with over 17 years of experience and the original founders at the helm. Our unique model allow us to be agile to meet market and farmer demands rapidly and effectively. We innovate to seek efficiencies at all levels, from farm management, processing and shipping to quality control and advice on cost-effective buying strategy.
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