Since 2000, we’ve been on a mission to make specialty coffee as prosperous as it is delicious by facilitating the equitable exchange of green coffee between highly skilled coffee producers in Latin America and high-quality coffee roasters around the world.

Using our business to make coffee a better industry gives our work a meaning


Our mission extends beyond transactions; it's about forging lasting bonds that elevate lives. Serving as a talent agent across Central and South America, Caravela seeks to work with the most skilled smallholder coffee producers. By championing growth and sustainability. and by securing long-term contracts with fixed prices, we provide income security for producers as well as offering stability for roasters, fostering a symbiotic partnership that diminishes uncertainty. Together, we work to craft a sustainable future where premium coffee isn't just a purchase; it's a promise of prosperity, shared and sustained over the years.


We are not typical coffee traders. We act as an integral part of the communities where we work, ensuring that everybody wins – from the coffee pickers to coffee drinkers, including our communities and the planet. In the heart of coffee-growing regions, we establish labs and warehouses, not just for coffee production and purchasing, but as seeds of opportunity. We empower sons and daughters of producers to play an active role in the coffee industry, by inviting them to be part of our team as quality analysts, agronomists, and educators; fostering personal and professional growth. Simultaneously, we fuel the empowerment of coffee consumers promoting informed decision-making, awareness, and education.. We believe in equitable conversations, spotlighting both producers and consumers, fostering empathy and shared stories that weave a sustainable future for every link in the supply chain.


At Caravela Coffee, diversity is more than a concept; it's the very essence of our green coffee, our people, and our mission. Across seven countries, from Mexico to Peru, we celebrate the diverse origins, profiles, and stories that each coffee holds. Our meticulous sourcing and exporting operations, coupled with on-the-ground teams, empower us to control the supply chain. Working hand in hand with smallholder producers, we break the chains of traditional intermediaries, ensuring smallholder producers earn the full value of their high-quality coffees. With transparency, traceability, and rigorous quality controls, we embrace diversity at every level, offering a symphony of flavors and profiles for roasters worldwide.

Doing our part for People and Planet

For over two decades, Caravela Coffee has steered a purpose-driven journey, aligning prosperity with responsibility in the coffee industry. Our commitment transcends profits; prioritizing people; and the planet. We've propelled economic, social, and environmental prosperity to the forefront of our business model, placing humanity and Earth above all. Establishing our organic supply chain, we've empowered countless producers to attain certification, securing better prices while nurturing the environment. In 2021, we proudly became the first Carbon Neutral green coffee trading company. Unlike the typical trader, we are integral community partners, ensuring triumph for everyone—from the hands that pick the cherries to those savoring the brew, by embracing communities, and safeguarding our planet.


We go above and beyond Caravela Coffee stands as the leader of the specialty coffee industry and its people. Caravela is a recognized leader in green coffee sustainability and education, and acts as an innovator of practices, principles, and processes that aim to make a better coffee more prosperous for all. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond immediate profits; it's a relentless journey, an enduring contribution to a brighter coffee world. Today, we understand that responsible coffee is a shared odyssey. Collaborating with like-minded partners, we forge new commercial relationships to amplify our impact on producers and the environment, recognizing that the journey towards a better future for coffee is a collective endeavor.