Every four years, millions of people all over the world unite to witness the World Cup, perhaps the world’s most popular sporting event. Caravela Coffee and Perfect Daily Grind are partnering this year so that you can have fun while generating an impact in Latin American coffee growing communities.

In our efforts to find more ways of improving the livelihood and quality of life of coffee growing communities in Latin America, we have created a Russia World Cup 2018 Football Pool. 50% of the pool will be destined to donate One World Futbols for children in the coffee communities where Caravela Coffee is present in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. With a contribution of only USD 10, you will have the chance to predict your scores for every match in the tournament, competing with other players for the chance to win the remaining 50% of the pool. The more people participate in the Pool, the higher the amount we can donate and the higher the prize for the winner!

We would like to invite you to participate in this exciting game and enjoy the Russia World Cup 2018, together with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you for participating and we wish you the best of luck!

Rules of the game

  • To participate you must contribute an amount of 10.00 USD
  • The total pool collected will be distributed as follows:

    • - 50% of the pool will be donated in One World Futbols to schools in coffee growing communities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru where Caravela is present

      - The remaining 50% of the pool will go to the winner

  • If any Caravela and/or Perfect Daily Grind employee wants to participate in the pool, they must commit to donate 100% of the prize to coffee growing communities in Latin America.

  • With the support of One World Play Project, 50% of the pool will be used to provide unpoppable footballs to schools in the more than 100 rural communities in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador where Caravela is present. With this initiative, we want to have an impact on the next generation of coffee growers, empowering and inspiring them through sport and play.

The steps to play are the following:

1. Registration

Registration for the pool is easy:

1.1. Click on Register at the bottom of this page and complete the form with your personal information. Don't forget to confirm your authorization to receive emails from Caravela and accept the Terms and Conditions of the game!

1.2. After submitting the form, you will be directed to a new page where you need to create your username (think of your all-time favorite football player) and type a valid e-mail address.

1.3. Now you must pay to play! (Remember, you must contribute USD 10.00 to play the pool). To do this, you will be directed to PayPal, where you can pay using your credit card or PayPal account. Please note that you do not need to create a PayPal account to play.

1.4. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to create your password (This might take a while, so please be patient and remember to check your spam)

1.5. Once you receive your confirmation email, click on the link to write your desired password and login.

1.6. Once you complete your registration and payment process, you can edit your predictions for each match, see your ranking and that of other players, review the rules, and see the results of all matches.

2. Playing

2.1. You must predict the score of all the matches in the World Cup. You have until 15 minutes before the start of a match to add or change your predictions. The server time is used. No discussion about that, so be on time if you want to fill in your scores.

2.2. As you may have noticed, matches in the next stages are not yet filled at the beginning of the tournament. Once the teams go through to the next round, we will add them. These games can also be changed until 15 minutes before the game starts. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can predict them now.

2.3. Only players that have paid the USD 10.00 fee are eligible to play. Any player that has not paid at least 15 minutes before the start of the first World Cup 2018 match (Russia vs Saudi Arabia on June 14th) will have its account suspended.

3. Scoring

3.1. In the group phase, scores at the end of the game are used for the calculation of the scores. For final rounds the score at the end of the game including extra time is used. Goals in a penalty shoot-out are not taken into consideration

3.2. Toto Score: You get points for predicting the correct winner of the match or prediction of a draw

3.3. Full Score: If you predict the winner AND the exact amount of goals scored, you get extra points

3.4. Goal Bonus: You win this if you get the goals correct, even if you didn’t get the match result correct (e.g., match ends in 1-1 and you predicted 0-1 you will still get points)

3.5. Goal Difference Bonus: If you predict the correct winner, not the exact score, but you predicted the correct difference in goals, you get the goal difference bonus (e.g. you predicted 3-1 or 4-2 and result is 2-0).

Below is the table with the number of points you get for each category:

The player with the highest number of points at the end will be the winner.
If you want to view the rankings, go to the Ranking page.

4. Same Ranking

When multiple players have the exact same amount of points, then the following sorting rules are applied on the ranking (most important one at the top):

a. Amount of Full Scores;
b. Amount of Toto Scores.

If you have any questions or any problems, please do not hesitate to email us at: pool@caravela.coffee.

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