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Green Coffee Shelf Life

Green Coffee Shelf Life


August · 05 · 2020

12 PM ET | 11 AM COT | 9 AM PT | 4 PM GMT

Via Zoom

There’s nothing worse than a great coffee that’s just fallen off for seemingly no reason, but this is natural. We can’t keep coffee forever but we can extend its useful life and manage how we use it better. In this webinar we will be diving deep into coffee shelf life:


  • What are the variables and main factors increasing and decreasing shelf life
  • What is going on inside the bean when these variables come into play
  • How to maximize the beans we have, both from an origin and destination point of view
Christopher Feran

Christopher Feran



He is a coffee industry consultant, green buyer, roaster and lapsed Q-grader with years of experience helping startups and established companies in the Midwest, California and New York City.

He enjoys planning and building cafes, coffee programs, roasteries and spreadsheets.

Most of all, he enjoys coffee.




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