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The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that are available in our UK warehouse. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.

If you are interested in receiving samples from our Green Coffee Offerings and seeing prices, quantities available and detailed cupping information, please create an account. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

wdt_ID-CountryMarksPackagingCup ScoreLocationQuantity availablePrice USD/lbPrice USD/KgICOCategoryProcessNotesAdd SampleInfo

ColombiaAlicia Collazos Patino35kg Vac-Pac Box86Vollers810.0022.0503-0178-00771-21Single FarmFully WashedCherries, blackcurrent, jammy body, nougat, cocoa nibs, melon, complex, round.

GuatemalaLa Leona 9-2169kg GP Bag85.25Vollers43.808.3811-991-0009-21Community LotFully WashedNougat, berries, raisins, dried currants, juicy, clean, hint of bubblegum

GuatemalaLos Ancestros 11-2169kg GP Bag85.5Vollers14.209.2611-991-0011-21Community LotFully WashedRibena, juicy, red fruits, strawberry and cream, malty, round and balanced.

NicaraguaLa Cordillera 04-2169kg GP Bag84.25Vollers33.007.39017-422-17-04-21Community LotFully WashedCaramel, pecans, lime, clean, creamy, slick body.

MexicoLos Milagros 5369kg GP Bag85.5Vollers93.988.77016-3008-0053-21Community LotFully WashedCaramel, almonds, juicy, blackcurrants, long finish, jammy and balanced.

MexicoHermegildo Marin 013934.5kg GP Bag85.5Vollers84.9010.80016-3008-0139-21Single FarmFully WashedCherries, melon, almond, honey, cinnamon, juicy.

GuatemalaAlma Herrera - Limited Edition69kg GP Bag84.75Vollers23.908.6011-991-0080-21Single FarmFully WashedNuts, sugarcane, sweet cereals, citrus, molasses on cooling, clean.

PeruVelo de Novia 278269kg GP Bag85Vollers34.259.3730-01-2782-21Community LotFully WashedCherry, black current, strawberry, candy floss, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon curd, caramel, red apple.

PeruUkuku 278169kg GP Bag85.25Vollers164.259.3730-01-2781-21Community LotFully WashedMelon, white grape, jammy, cherry, gingerbread, brown sugar, blackberry, prunes, round, long finish.

ColombiaGuanacas (women produced lot)35kg GP Bag85.75Afloat75.9013.0103-0178-1132-21Community LotFully WashedPassionfruit, milk chocolate, peach, lemon zest acidity, honeyed pecans, creamy.

PeruToro De Oro 278469kg GP Bag86Vollers14.6510.2530-01-2784-21Community LotFully WashedMarzipan, cream, meringue, tropical, apples, juicy, red fruit jam and berries, dried fruit, rum and raisin.

PeruEl Guayacan 277269kg GP Bag85.25Vollers194,259.3730-01-2772-21Community LotFully WashedElderflower, blackcurrent, vanilla, almond, creamy, milk choc, vanilla, nutty.

EcuadorLos Picos35kg K-bag84.5Vollers255.1511.35008-Q049-29-22Community LotFully WashedAlmonds, white chocolate, apples, lemon, dark choc, dark brown sugar, aromatic herbs.

EcuadorWilman Mayo35kg K-bag85.25Vollers45.1511.35008-Q049-34-22Single FarmFully WashedRed pepper, orange, pineapple, cocoa powder, dates, sticky toffee, blackberry, apple, almonds, watermelon.

EcuadorManuel Efren Jimenez35kg K-bag85Vollers106.2013.67008-Q049-36-22Single FarmFully Washed Orange peel, creamy, milky, tealike, toffee apple, citrus, grapefruit, sweet and bold malted grains.

EcuadorRicardo Vargas35kg K-bag85.5Vollers87.8017.20008-Q049-38-22Single FarmFully WashedPineapple, tropical, molasses, clementines, blueberry, jammy, black pepper, delicate body.

EcuadorWarmikuna - Limited Edition35kg K-bag85Vollers95.8012.79008-Q049-48-22Single FarmFully WashedCocoa, caramel, spices, nutmeg, gingerbread, intense body, balanced, chocolate, jammy, bold, black pepper, lemon juice.

ColombiaAltos de Maria70kg GP Bag85.5Vollers44.9510.9103-0178-89-22Community LotFully WashedMelon, cherry, orange, lemondrops, lime, strawberry, berries.

GuatemalaLa Leona 96-2169kg GP Bag84Vollers13.006.6111-991-0096-21Community LotFully WashedBarley, maple syrup, vanilla, fruit acidity, red currants, syrupy body.

PeruVelo de Novia 277569kg GP Bag85.5Vollers UK194.6510.2530-01-2775-21Community LotFully WashedPineapple, coconut, tropical juice, peach, lychee, sweet and fragrant.

PeruCeja de Selva - 277769kg GP Bag84.25Vollers204.6510.2530-01-2777-21Community LotFully WashedHoney, caramel, lemon, apricot, creamy, sweet and jammy, orange peel.

ColombiaQuebradon 53-2270kg GP Bag85Vollers184.9510.9103-0178-53-22Community LotFully WashedJammy, berries, milk chocolate, juicy, caramel, toffee apple, lime, peach, nectarine

ColombiaQuebradon 532-2270kg Bags84.75Vollers UK25 5.6812.5203-0178-532-22Community LotFully WashedCashew, milk chocolate, cherry, lime, strawberry jam.


ColombiaLos Monjes70kg Bags85Vollers UK354.9010.8003-0178-530-22Community LotFully WashedMaple, caramel, milk chocolate, plum, apple crumble, nectarine, peach, toasted almonds.

ColombiaEl Meridiano A70kg Bags85Vollers UK304.9010.8003-0178-00601-22Community LotFully WashedCherry, cashew, creamy, plum, sweet citrus juice, lime peel.

ColombiaLas Esmeraldas - Women Led Project70kg Bags85.75Vollers UK106.6814.7303-0178-533-22Community LotFully WashedWatermelon, passionfruit juice, cherry, cranberry, blueberry, red currents, eton mess.

ColombiaJose Hernan Quintero35kg Boxes86Vollers UK157.6016.7503-0178-649-22Single FarmHoneyMilk, mango, passionfruit, chocolate, cherry, red fruit, spring berries, floral, rose, blueberry, green apple.

PeruMonte Grande 306369kg GP Bag85.5Vollers UK134.7810.5430-01-3063-21Community LotFully WashedAlmonds, honey, juicy, caramel, stewed apple, sticky jam, plum, syrupy, raspberry.
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