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The specialty coffee industry has been looking at sustainability with altruistic lens for years with the question always looming, “how do I make someone’s life better today?”

We approach sustainability from an environmental, social and economic stance in hopes that value is added at every step of the chain and that producers are getting paid sustainable wages, and consumers are getting great coffee. And this is great! But specialty coffee is, well – special, and we have found ourselves seeking out the most special of special coffees while we leave the rest behind. And we are paying really great prices for that coffee, but there just isn’t that much.

In the search for a really, really small lot of 90+ coffee we have disregarded the remaining coffee leaving the producer to find yet another buyer. Our affect on the supply chain can only be positive and sustainable when we begin looking at all the coffee a producer has to sell and figure out how to use it in our menu at home.

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