Santa Maria Yucuhiti


December – March




1,500 – 1,800 MASL


Bourbon · Typica · Mundo Novo

Sierra Mixteca is a mountainous area located in the north of Oaxaca. The Mixteca civilization was one of the most brilliant cultures in Mesoamerica and many of its traditions can still be seen in todays society. In the highlands of the Sierra Mixteca region, there are hundreds of small-scale coffee growers, descendants of the Mixteca and with farm sizes of no more than 2-3 hectares. These farmers are dedicated and committed to producing coffee for a living, but many of them also produce other things like honey and fruits to diversify their offering.

In the year 2016, famers in this region founded an organization called ACESA CAFÉ with the objective of grouping up and working together with as many coffee growers as possible to improve their income and quality of live. In 2018, we started working together with this group, educating and offering technical assistance to coffee growers with a focus on fighting leaf rust, adapting to climate change, and how to achieve better prices for their coffee. We want to offer these producers and their amazing product the recognition and exposure that they deserve.

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