Sierra Mazateca

Oaxaca, Mexico




Huautla de Jimenez · Mazatlan · Villa de Flores ·San Lucas · Zoquiapam · Santa Maria la Asuncion


February – March




1,700 – 1,900 MASL


Bourbon – Typica – Caturra – Mundo Novo

Within the highlands of Northern Oaxaca, lies the Mazatec Region, an extraordinary, mostly mountainous area, famous for its diverse flora and fauna. What makes us love this community the most is their beautiful culture, rituals, legends, traditions, and love for life. They have their own language and traditions; the women here wear typical dresses that have been worn by the locals for centuries.

The Mazatec region is famous for creating the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a popular Mexican festivity where the living commemorates the death and the importance of life. They celebrate this special holiday with bright colours, delicious food, dances, and costumes. However, the Día de los Muertos is not the only festivity that they celebrate. Their traditions are mostly based around catholic traditions, but always family and food focused.

During the past century, the main agricultural product in the region was coffee. However, coffee prices over the last 30 years were so low that it cause an economic crisis in the region and many people decided to abandon their coffee trees. Fortunately, some of them never gave up and their dedication is beginning to pay off. In April 2016, a group of coffee producers gathered and created an organization with the objective of boosting the production of specialty coffee in the Mazatec Region, to make its production sustainable, and to improve the livelihood of hundreds of small-scale producers.

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