San Payo is a blend comprised of the coffee from 18 small-scale producers from the region of San Rafael del Norte, located 26km from Jinotega. This town is very rich in history and culture. According to the legend, this town owes its name to a Spanish man called Lino, who once had a vision on the road from Matagalpa to Jinotega. One day, he was tired from a long ride and decided to stop for the the night at the roadside, in a beautiful site full of pines where a soft breeze filled their air with the delicious smell of pine flower.

Suddently, a prophet appeared out of nowhere to tell him that the place was for praying, not for sleeping! Lino was so ashamed that he ordered for a town to be built on the site with the name of the Archangel San Rafael. “Payo” in Nicaragua is a popular nickname for Rafael. This is where the coffee blend “San Payo” comes from.

The San Payo blend has a creamy body with mild acidity and notes of dark chocolate and caramel.

General Info


18 small-scale producers from San Rafael del Norte


Municipality of San Rafael del Norte

Jinotega. Nicaragua


1,150 – 1,500 MASL


Caturra/ Catuai/ Bourbon

Technical Info

  Processing Method

Fully Washed


Guaba, Bucaro, Musaseas


Screen 15 +SCAA. Specialty Grade


December – March

  Drying Method

100% shadow on raised beds at Beneficio La Estrella

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