Pedro Girón

Finca El Parejo






June – August




1,567 MASL


Typica   Caturra  San Salvador

Pedro Girón was born and raised in the world of coffee. He was destined to become a coffee grower when he grew older. From a very young age, when Pedro was around 10 years old, he remembers walking around the coffee trees with his father. His father taught him something new about coffee every day and that was how he learned about this product. As they walked through the farm, his father explained him why they had barriers among the coffee trees, the shade management, how he fertilized the coffee and why, and how to produce good coffee. Those were all the advices that he took into account when he started taking over his father’s farm. “Today, we don’t only deliver coffee to the coop and Caravela Coffee, we deliver the result of our work, efforts, and sacrifices.” says Pedro, “I wouldn’t have enough time to tell you all the experiences and learnings that coffee has bring to my life, but what I can assure, is that we have learned the meaning of working, which is sometimes hard, but, at the end, its pleasant and satisfying.” Finca El Parejo is the reflection of effort, family union, and teamwork.

Pedro loves to take a break from coffee just to stare the landscape that his farm offers. When he admires the natural landscape of his farm, he feels peace, and satisfaction. For Pedro, there wasn’t an exact time when he decided to produce specialty coffee, he says he was born with that culture and that is the reason why he continues producing coffee and why he loves it.

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