The Paguaga Family

Finca La Ventaja






November – March


Nueva Segovia


1,350 – 1,400 MASL


Catuai – Caturra – Maragogype

La Ventaja is a family farm owned by Ramón Paguaga and his sons, Sergio and Norman. The farm started in 1976 when Ramón Paguaga purchased some land. Ramón started with very little but step by step he began to plant coffee trees. Even after he started to produce his first lots of coffee he still faced a huge obstacle. Ramón’s farm didn’t have vehicle access, so in order to sell the coffee, it needed to be moved on horses. For Ramón, this was the biggest disadvantage of the coffee farm, making something which really shouldn’t have been very difficult, a long and arduous process.

Fortunately, with some government help, access to the farm became easier and Ramón finally saw a more positive future in being a coffee grower. The name La Ventaja, in English “The Advantage” comes from the opportunity that Ramón saw when the new roads arrived. With the passing of the years, Ramón and his sons have purchased new pieces of land in order to enlarge their farm and increase their coffee production.

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