Volatility and variability in slot machines

What volatility represents

The terms volatility and variability in slot machines are most often understood as the "risk" inherent in a particular game. In the context of slots this concept is applied much more often.

When they say - "this slot volatile," they mean that the machine can give a huge winnings, but also "chew" bets will be for three.

Synonym for volatility - dispersion (also found the word variability), it is often used in mathematics to denote the measure of deviation of a random variable from its "mean value" (expectation). But there is no point in dwelling on these subtleties now.

When it comes to volatility, it means the riskiness of a particular slot machine. Ie, how often and what value it will produce winnings. It is very conventionally all the slot machines can be divided into three categories:

  • High volatility,
  • Medium volatility,
  • Low volatility.

Slots with high volatility

Players usually fall into two camps: those who like high risk, and those who prefer a more measured game. The former are more "greasy" and prefer to play with emotion rather than reason. The latter are more likely to see the game as entertainment. Slots with high and medium volatility are in high demand in modern casinos, and the Swedish company NetEnt, the slot industry leader, focuses on them.

Is it worth playing slots with high variability

High risk almost always means high reward. And high reward is what all players dream of. No matter who says what, and big winnings, big money... well, isn't that the desire of most? But the higher the risk, the higher the price. This should always be kept in mind.

Play slots with high volatility in the following cases:

  • If you have a large bankroll. The more free funds you have allocated to the game, the better. But for the same 300 Shields, that's not enough. You just need to have a huge bankroll - at least a few thousand bets. There are slots that "keep" the balance at about the same level or gradually reduce it.
  • If you know how to control yourself. Unfortunately, fans of machines with high volatility are more often than not heavily "glossed over". And therein lies the main conflict. High variance slots is contraindicated to such players, but they are their main consumers. Ideally, after a long "minus" session (or immediately after a big win) you need to close the online casino site and take a long break (a day, two, a week).
  • If you are a patient and experienced player. It is better not to play slots with high risk for beginners. You need a lot of experience to understand how such games work. A novice player simply can not withstand the pressure during the gameplay. The slot will simply "eat" his money - first minus $100, then another $500, then $1,000 and so on. "And when will it start giving? Is the casino rigged or something?" - No, nothing is rigged. You just have to wait and have patience.
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