Making espresso: the basics for beginners and novices

A tasty espresso is a must for every coffee drinker. But especially for beginners, it's hard to make a perfect espresso. Espresso is a high class of coffee making, so it takes a lot of practice to brew it. Below you'll find the best tips and tricks for making espresso.

What's worth learning about the art of espresso?

Most coffees require an espresso. Whether it's a latte macchiato or an espresso, nothing works without a little espresso. Among other things, there are different types of espresso such as espresso doppio, Lange, ristretto, or corto. As a beginner, you don't need to do anything with all these terms, but they can be useful for you as a guide on the way to gaining this knowledge.

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How does the perfect espresso work?

You can play at home as a real barista, you can either use pods or you can use the instructions below. There you'll find step-by-step instructions for the perfect espresso from the Italians. You'll need a good quality ground coffee and a portafilter.

Instructions for the perfect espresso

1) Warm-up

espresso cup. To make sure that your espresso doesn't get cold too quickly and you can enjoy the optimum temperature, you should first prepare your cup. To do this, you need to fill the cup with hot water. You can get this from a kettle, but many gantry machines also have a built-in hot water dispenser.

2) Thorough cleaning

The machine needs to be clean to taste good. Whether you use a portafilter or Tassimo pods, you should make sure the machine is clean. This ensures that the taste is not distorted by old coffee or old capsules.

3) Dosage

Although it is easy to find the perfect dosage with capsules, the portafilter requires more experimentation. The powder needs to be poured lightly and the surface needs to be smoothed out. With this surface, you do most of the preliminary work for tamping.

4) Tamping

Here, the coffee powder is pressed together and compacted so that it can withstand water pressure. This is how the great coffee aromas slowly unfold.

5) Again

Cleaning is essential in order to get optimum flavor. This is where you should dissolve any residual coffee so that the next time you use it, there's no unwanted impact on the taste.

What kind of coffee maker is right for a beginner?

You can't go wrong with a capsule machine. The processing is self-explanatory and you're always guaranteed a good, tasty coffee. If you want real espresso, as the Italians do, then you should buy a machine with a portafilter. This is where you'll get the real taste of espresso, and where you can try your hand at being a barista. Another option is fully automatic machines, they also do most of the work for you while you enjoy playing at the best online casinos However, you should pay special attention to good coffee beans to get the incomparable flavor. You should also drink a glass of mineral water with your coffee, as this can balance out the acidity.

Espresso is a great way to start the morning and lifts the spirits of every coffee drinker. If you want to make the most delicious espresso for yourself, follow these tips and tricks. Thanks to these steps, you'll get the best base for a good espresso. Remember that no matter which option you choose, the coffee beans will shape the taste. So always ensure high quality and good taste, regardless of whether you want to buy capsules, powder, or whole beans.

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