Is your data safe at a Pay n Play casino?

Is your data safe at a Pay n Play casino?

Gambling at Pay n Play casinos is becoming increasingly popular. This is because players can start playing in no time, without having to spend a lot of time on account creation and verification. This is how many Pay n Play casinos sell themselves. But is gambling this way responsible, and is your data actually safe at a Pay n Play casino?

What is a Pay n Play casino?

To understand what a Pay n Play casino is, it's useful to know first that pretty much everything works the same as in a regular online casino. The only thing that makes a difference is that you don't have to create an account.

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Instead, you make a payment with online banking using payment providers like Volt and Trustly. These payment providers then pass on all the important details to the online casino so you don't have to do anything yourself! Something similar is on the website

How exactly can you pay?

This all sounds perfect, but is it really as easy as depositing money and starting to wager? Yes, it is! Paying with Trustly is incredibly easy, so you can quickly start playing without too much hassle.

Simply choose an amount between the minimum and maximum allowed at a Pay n Play casino, and then complete the transaction via the online environment of your own trusted bank. A few moments later, the money will have arrived and you can start betting on your favorite gambling games.

What happens to your data?

Still, a casino can't just let anyone play without collecting certain data. This is necessary to be able to payout amounts later on. A Pay n Play casino performs this work behind the scenes.

In the background, Trustly will make sure that it passes on all the data the casino needs about you to the casino's payout system. This data can be collected based on the deposit made.

What should you look for when choosing a Pay n Play casino?

If you want to make sure you play at Pay n Play casinos that are totally safe, you can pay extra attention to a few things. That way you can avoid ending up on gambling sites where your data is not safe and you can therefore be at risk. Therefore, always pay extra attention to the following aspects.


A website such as an online casino must be extra secure. This is because they process a lot of data and transactions. Therefore always make sure that a casino site uses SSL encryption. You can see this by the padlock next to the URL address. If it is missing, it means that there is no additional encryption and you should avoid that kind of page.


Every reputable Pay n Play casino has a valid license. Nowadays there are also issues in the Netherlands, though by the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), after online gambling was legalized here last year.

Many European online casinos have licenses from places like Malta and Gibraltar, as the regulations here are a bit more lenient to obtain such a license. In any case, it is advisable to always choose a Pay n Play Casino with a valid license, as it is under strict supervision.

Privacy Policy

In the privacy policy of a casino, you can read a lot about how they handle your personal data. For example, the casino with should mention what data is needed from players and what it is used for. It should also be made clear that the casino will never just pass on personal information to third parties.

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