Odil Vivanco & Adela Champi

Finca Condorhuachana




Santa Teresa


July to September




2,090 MASL


Typica – Caturra – Bourbon – Catimor

Odil Vivanco’s parents were coffee growers their entire lives and Odil was a key part of this process. He became involved with coffee through helping his parents on the farm. He loved looking for ways to improve and would always make suggestions to his parents on ways that he thought they could do things better. While working on the farm he saw many improvement opportunities regarding processes that they were carrying out and with the infrastructure that they had. Odil inherited this passion for coffee from his parents. In 1985, he decided that he wanted to become an independent coffee producer and to work on his own. Together with his wife, they purchased a farm, surrounded by rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Today, Odil receives help from Adela, his wife. Odil is in charge of the fertilization, harvesting, the post-harvest processes and finding a buyer for the coffee. Adela helps out with the harvesting and is in charge of doing the accounts, she also manages the farm. For Odil, his wife’s role is the most important on the farm, because thanks to her, the farm can be profitable. Together Odil and Adela work, always looking for ways to improve the things they do, every step of the way.

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