Interview with Alejandro Cadena, Caravela CEO and Co-Founder

Caravela Coffee is starting a new series of short interviews with thought leaders in the specialty coffee industry. We would like to pick their brains on what they think is good or bad, what are opportunities or threats, or just anything they want to share about their perspective on the specialty coffee industry.

Partner Farm Purchasing and How it Impacts Sustainability

The holy trinity in the coffee supply chain is a tripartite contract between roaster, farmer and exporter/importer. The roaster knows they have a secure (and often exclusive) supply of coffee from a particular farm they have carefully chosen from the great many available.

Just in Time Inventory

Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory is a strategy that businesses use to increase the efficient use of resources by having parts of the production process delivered by the supply chain at just the moment that they are needed.