Green Coffee Spot Offerings

We want you to fall in love with our coffees.

All of the green coffee offerings below are immediately available on a SPOT basis at North America warehouses.

While we primarily specialize in facilitating long-term relationships between roasters and producers, we realize that SPOT purchases allow you to first explore available options.  If you are interested in having a sample of a coffee from this list, please do not hesitate to request it.

This list is updated regularly, however, availability is subject to change.

Request Green Coffee Samples

Based on the following list
CountryMarksPackagingCup ScoreWarehouseQuantity availablePrice USD/LbICORequest a sampleLearn moreNotesCategoryProcess
ColombiaLos NaranjosGrain Pro Bags85.25Annex763.5603-0178-00320-20 Here Herecherry, cocoa, almond, syrupyCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaLa FaldaGrain Pro Bags85.25Annex493.9803-0178-00366-20 Here Heresweet citrus, almond, silky, malic acidCommunity BlendFully Washed
PeruLa Danta NOP OrganicGrain Pro Bags84Annex1203.4030-01-3870-20 Here Hereorange, sweet lemon, chocolateCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaLa FaldaGrain Pro Bags85.5Continental NJ333.9803-0178-00318-20 Here Herevanilla, berry, dark chocolateCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaLos MonjesGrain Pro Bags85.75Continental NJ503.5603-0178-00319-20 Here Hereorange, cherry, melon, cocoa, light juicyCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaLos Idolos DecafGrain Pro Bags84Continental NJ364.8803-0178-00325-20 Here Heresweet, vanilla, chocolate, molasses, citrus, Community BlendFully Washed
ColombiaAmparo Pajoy ML COE #16Boxes86.5Continental NJ9.5503-0178-00345-19 Here Herecherry, butter, floral, tropical, silkyMicrolotFully Washed
ColombiaTimancoGrain Pro Bags86Continental NJ603.9803-0178-00424-20 Here Herecitrus, stone fruit, bright, sweet and sugary, creamyCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaLa Serrania DecafGrain Pro Bags85Continental NJ484.2803-0178-00432-20 Here Heremolasses, vanilla, citrus, cocoaCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaIsrael Hernandez GeshaBoxes88Continental NJ412.6003-0178-00445-20 HereN/Ajasmine, orange juice, sparkling acidity, complex sugarsMicrolotFully Washed
ColombiaFinca Belgravia TabiBoxes86Continental NJ28.0003-0178-00487-20 HereN/Aberry, vanilla, cocoa, creamyMicrolotFully Washed
ColombiaFinca Belgravia TypicaBoxes86Continental NJ28.0003-0178-00488-20 HereN/Agrape, rich dark chocolate, zestyMicrolotFully Washed
ColombiaFinca Belgravia BourbonBoxes86Continental NJ58.0003-0178-00489-20 HereN/Ahoneycrisp apple, cocoa, orange, tart, juicyMicrolotFully Washed
ColombiaLa Serrania Peebies DecafGrain Pro Bags86Continental NJ573.1903-0178-00518-20 Here Herecherry, banana, molasses, sweet, silkyCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaEl CascabelGrain Pro Bags85.75Continental NJ83.7103-0178-00928-19 Here Herestone fruit, buttery, herbal, juicyCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaEl CascabelGrain Pro Bags85.5Continental NJ83.7103-0178-01008-19 Here Hereapple, brown sugar, buttery, black teaCommunity BlendFully Washed
EcuadorPeñaherreraK bags86Continental NJ105.3008-Q049-0037-20 Here Hereberry, cocoa, hazelnut, juicyCommunity BlendFully Washed
EcuadorAltos de MarfilGrain Pro Bags85.5Continental NJ204.70008-Q049-0061-20 Here Heremilk chocolate, sweet, nutt, apple, creamyCommunity BlendFully Washed
EcuadorAlambiGrain Pro Bags86Continental NJ105.30008-Q049-0075-20 Here Hereraisin, berry, lemon, chocolate, roasted almond, creamyCommunity BlendFully Washed
EcuadorMitad del Mundo PeebiesGrain Pro Bags86Continental NJ44.10008-Q049-0076-20 Here Hereblueberry, lemon, milk chocolate, wineyCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaLa Serrania DecafGrain Pro Bags85Afloat Annex274.4103-0178-00521-20 HereN/Amolasses, cherry, cocoa, ripe bananaCommunity BlendFully Washed
EcuadorMitad del Mundo Grain Pro Bags85.5Afloat Continental654.70008-Q049-0080-20 Here Hereraisin, dried berry, green apple, cocoa, juicyCommunity BlendFully Washed

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