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The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in our warehouses in North America, where we store coffee. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.

If you are interested in receiving samples from our Green Coffee Offerings and seeing prices, quantities available and detailed cupping information, please create an account. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

 CountryMarksPackagingLocationQuantity availableCategoryProcessNotes
ColombiaLa Serrania Decaf70kg GP BagAnnex21Community LotFully Washedmolasses, cherry, cocoa, ripe banana
ColombiaLa Serrania Decaf70kg GP BagAnnex32Community LotFully Washedmolasses, cherry, cocoa, ripe banana
El SalvadorEl Mural Pacamara Honey69kg GP BagAnnex40Community LotHoney honey, lime, blackberry, tropical, fresh herbs, juicy
El SalvadorLos Chelazos Peebies69kg GP BagAfloat Continental11Community LotFully Washedcocoa, brown sugar, lemon, blueberry, bright, juicy
GuatemalaLa Cometa NOP Organic69kg GP BagAnnex40Community LotFully Washedcherry, raisin, almond, dark chocolate, syrupy
MexicoLas Cotorras NOP Organic 16-2069kg GP BagAnnex210Community LotFully Washedcocoa, nutty, caramel, citrus
PeruLa Danta NOP Organic69kg GP BagAnnex69Community LotFully Washedorange, sweet lemon, chocolate
ColombiaLos Idolos Decaf70kg GP BagContinental NJ27Community LotFully Washedsweet, vanilla, chocolate, molasses, citrus,
ColombiaLos Naranjos70kg GP BagContinental NJ35Community LotFully Washedstone fruit, milk chocolate, almond, lemon, silky
ColombiaLa Serrania Decaf70kg GP BagContinental NJ22Community LotFully Washedmolasses, vanilla, citrus, cocoa
ColombiaLa Serrania Peebies Decaf70kg GP BagContinental NJ39Community LotFully Washedcherry, banana, molasses, sweet, silky
ColombiaEl Quebradon70kg GP BagContinental NJ10Community LotFully Washedbuttery, stone fruit, milk chocolate, juicy
ColombiaLos Rosales70kg GP BagContinental NJ6Community LotFully Washedblack cherry, cocoa, herbal, syrupy
ColombiaGustavo Charry Garcia35kg GP BagAfloat Continental5MicrolotFully Washedtoffee, lemon-lime, orange, canteloupe, lingering finish
Costa RicaCedral - Roger Ureña, White Honey Catuai69kg GP BagAfloat Continental15MicrolotHoneylemon, caramel, stone fruit, sweet, nutty, bright, juicy
Costa RicaLos Cedros - Joiner Alverado, Yellow Honey Catuai69kg GP BagAfloat Continental15MicrolotHoneystone fruit, chocolate, syrupy
Costa RicaLa Plaza - Efrain Naranjo, Yellow Honey Catuai69kg GP BagAfloat Continental15MicrolotHoneybright, stone fruit, milk chocolate, sweet
Costa RicaVara Blanca - Hermanos Valso, White Honey Catuai69kg GP BagAfloat Continental15MicrolotHoneycherry, brown sugar, light syrupy
EcuadorLa Tortuga, Galapagos35kg GP BagContinental NJ3MicrolotFully Washedtea-like, brown sugar, chocolate, apple, ripe sweet tomato, juicy
EcuadorFamilia Abad35kg GP BagContinental NJ9Community LotFully Washedberry, cocoa, savory, pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, syrupy
El SalvadorLos Chelazos 11-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ5Community LotFully Washedberry, toffee, cocoa, tart, juicy, lingering
El SalvadorLos Chelazos 02-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ100Community LotFully Washedbrown sugar, cocoa, stone fruit, tangy, light syrupy
El SalvadorEl Mural Pacas Honey69kg GP BagContinental NJ52Community LotHoney sweet chocolate, marzipan, silky, stone fruit
GuatemalaLos Ancestros 07-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ13Community LotFully Washedraspberry, cocoa, pipe tobacco, syrupy
GuatemalaLos Ancestros 08-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ8Community LotFully Washedblackberry, chocolate, tart, syrupy
GuatemalaPerla Negra 09-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ42Community LotFully Washedlemon, nutty, cocoa
GuatemalaEl Zorro 10-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ50Community LotFully Washednutty, chocolate, lemon, herbal, syrupy
GuatemalaPerla Negra 11-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ32Community LotFully Washedchocolate, citrus, herbal, roasted almond, tangy
GuatemalaEl Zorro 26-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ50Community LotFully Washedbrown sugar, raisin, lemon, roasted almond, syrupy
GuatemalaLa Cometa 27-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ15Community LotFully Washedcherry, dark cocoa, cola
GuatemalaLa Cometa NOP Organic69kg GP BagContinental NJ50Community LotFully Washednutty, citrus, clean
GuatemalaLa Cometa 34-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ36Community LotFully Washedcherry, citrus, chocolate, creamy, juicy, bright
GuatemalaLa Hermosa Pacamara Natural69kg GP BagContinental NJ11Community LotNaturalwiney, savory, dark chocolate, syrupy, juicy
GuatemalaEl Templo NOP Organic69kg GP BagContinental NJ90Community LotFully Washedberry, caramel, chocolate, tart, juicy, creamy
MexicoMonte Alban 03-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ13Community LotFully Washedchocolate, almond, raisin, berry, creamy
MexicoLas Cotorras 04-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ12Community LotFully Washedroasted almond, cocoa, raisin, mild citrus, black tea
MexicoLas Cotorras 06-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ63Community LotFully Washedchocolate, vanilla, dried berry, fudge, tobacco, thick body
MexicoLas Cotorras NOP Organic 07-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ66Community LotFully Washedapple, raisin, savory, chocolate, dry finish
MexicoLas Cotorras NOP Organic 08-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ30Community LotFully Washedapple, nutty, vanilla, brown sugar
MexicoLas Cotorras NOP Organic 10-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ20Community LotFully Washedchocolate, almond, raisin, dried berry
MexicoMonte Alban 11-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ8Community LotFully Washedchocolate, apple, sweet, roasted almond, vanilla, silky
MexicoMonte Alban NOP Organic 12-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ66Community LotFully Washedcedar, cocoa, citrus, nutty, juicy finish
MexicoLas Cotorras 15-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ7Community LotFully Washeddried berry, sweet almond/marzipan, chocolate, light syrupy
MexicoMonte Alban 23-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ40Community LotFully Washedberry, citrus, brown sugar, light juicy
NicaraguaLa Cordillera 21-02-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ40Community LotFully Washedcherry, nutty, raisin
NicaraguaLa Estrella69kg GP BagContinental NJ50Community LotFully Washedlemon, sweet, caramel. nutty
NicaraguaLas Nubes69kg GP BagContinental NJ10Community LotFully Washednutty, cocoa, raisin, juicy, citrus
NicaraguaLa Cordillera 22-02-2069kg GP BagContinental NJ15Community LotFully Washedcaramel, cocoa, raisin, pear, light juicy
El SalvadorLos Chelazos Pacamara69kg GP BagDupuy Houston15Community LotFully Washedvanilla, lemon, sweet and sugary, stone fruit, silky
El SalvadorEl Imposible69kg GP BagDupuy Houston12Community LotFully Washedvanilla, plum, sweet and sugary, juicy
ColombiaLos Naranjos70kg GP BagAfloat50Community LotFully Washedgreen grape, cocoa, brown sugar, ripe tomato, juicy
ColombiaDavid Dagua Tello35kg GP BagAfloat Continental4Community LotFully Washedstone fruit, chocolate, juicy, stewed tomato, fresh herbs
ColombiaOmar Alban35kg GP BagAfloat Continental26Community LotFully Washedblack tea, brown sugar, dried apricot, chocolate, tangy, lime
ColombiaCarlos Torres35kg GP BagAfloat Continental4Community LotFully Washedbrown sugar, stone fruit, black tea, silky, sweet
ColombiaEl Meridiano35kg GP BagAfloat Continental4Community LotFully Washedlemon, red fruit, savory, chocolate
ColombiaAlfonso Rojas Merchan35kg GP BagAfloat Continental4Community LotFully Washedcitrus, stone fruit, cocoa, raspberry, juicy
MexicoMonte Alban NOP Organic 02-2069kg GP BagAfloat Continental20Community LotFully Washedcherry, berry, milk chocolate, juicy
MexicoMonte Alban 18-2069kg GP BagAfloat Continental70Community LotFully Washedcocoa, caramel, nutty, syrupy
MexicoFinca Miravalle Natural69kg GP BagAfloat Continental7MicrolotNaturalmalt, winey, milk chocolate, lemon, creamy, juicy
MexicoNido de Aguila69kg GP BagAfloat Continental50Community LotFully Washedlemon-lime, red fruit, brown sugar, cocoa, juicy
MexicoDaniel Cobilt Typica Honey 58-2069kg GP BagAfloat Continental3MicrolotHoneycaramel, citrus, stone fruit, light juicy
MexicoDaniel Cobilt Typica Honey 59-2069kg GP BagAfloat Continental5MicrolotHoneyred grape, chocolate, honey, tangy, syrupy


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