Las Vegas


January – May


Santa Barbara


1,500 MASL



Jorge Misael always dreamed of having a piece of land settled within the mountains of his country, Honduras. Having a property in the mountains with a perfect view of the nature and other mountains, motivated Jorge Misael to work towards this objective. Another lifetime passion of Jose Misael is coffee. The combination of these two passions led Misael to purchase a farm in the highlands of Santa Barbara a few years ago. After purchasing the land, he started growing his first coffee trees, but before starting the 2017/2018 harvest, he heard about specialty coffee, and learned that many other coffee growers in the region were working on producing a quality product to achieve excellent prices. For this reason, Jorge decided to approach Beneficio San Vicente, to deliver a couple of samples of his very first harvest. The samples received great results on the cupping tables, which motivated him to focus on producing specialty coffee, and he has loved this new experience so far. Jorge Misael is proud to know that the coffee he produces is really good and that it is a source of employment for many people in the community. All the work on the farm, is carried out by workers who are members of the community. However, access to the farm is quite complicated and one of his biggest challenges is moving the coffee out of the farm to the purchasing warehouses. In fact, they still don’t have piped water on the farm, so Misael is currently working on a project with the community to bring water to this region.

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