Matilde Pérez & Manuel Ordóñez

Finca El Ventilador




Santa María


First semester: April – June (80%)
Second semester: October – December (20%)




1,824 MASL


Caturra . Colombia

Both, Matilde Perez and her husband, Manuel, come from traditional coffee growing families in Colombia, meaning that they have been involved with coffee their entire lives. When they met each other, more than 20 years ago, they decided to buy a farm and start, not only their own coffee business, but they own family. Matilde’s dream, since she was young, was always to have her own coffee farm and to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Sadly, Matilde Perez was born with a disability, which has made it challenging for her to involve herself more with the farm activities. She lives in the town because, due to her condition, it is very hard for her to access the farm. The road doesn’t go all the way to the entrance, so they have to walk for around half an hour to arrive, and Matilde is not able to do so. Most of the farm is managed by Matilde’s husband, Manuel and their oldest son, Jose William. Matilde helps with the selling and accounting of the coffee from the town.

In the year 2016, the family received a visit from a Japanese cupper who saw great potential in their farm to produce high quality coffee. He told them that the region in general had a great coffee profile. That was when they decided, as a family, to start learning more about specialty coffee and Manuel and Jose William attended some trainings. Since then, they have been motivated to improve their coffee processes and now feel very proud to be producing coffee with a great cup quality and achieving higher prices which they can reinvest in the farm.

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