El Salvador


La Palma


December – March




1,550 MASL


Pacas  Bourbon

Matías Hernandez has been related with coffee for his whole life. He comes from a coffee growing family, his parents have been involved with coffee for the most part of their lives and, when Matias was a kid, they involved him as well. Since he was eight years old, he saw his parents working on the farm and with the passing of years, coffee woke on Matias a very special interest and passion. As he grew older he was clear that coffee is what he wanted to do for a living, he dreamed of having his own farm. His motivation was to put into practice everything that his parents taught him, he wanted to make his parents feel proud that he was continuing with their legacy. Additionally, he wanted to have a family and he knew that coffee could take him to having a good quality of life.

In 2005 he thought it was time to have his own farm, so he purchased the land and started his own coffee business. In this process of becoming a coffee producer, Matias has learned many things, but especially, how to implement good farming practices and grow coffee in a sustainable way. The best thing that has every happen to Matías in Finca Los Pozos is meeting her actual wife. He saw her for the first time on the farm and after a few years, they married and Maria de los Ángeles became part of this family business. Today, the whole family work very hard to produce excellent quality and having a sustainable and profitable farm.

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