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First Semester: October – January Second Semester:  May – July




1,50 – 1,900 MASL


Caturra · Colombia

Matambo is a Colombian specialty coffee produced by a group of dedicated small coffee producers from Gigante, Huila. This region is located between the Madgalena River and the Eastern Range of the Andes Mountains, providing a unique microclimate for the production of these fantastic coffees.

The story of Matambo originates from a famous myth: the love story between Mirthayú, the beautiful queen of the Michués, a native pre-Hispanic group, and her lover, the giant Matambo, the most valiant warrior in the region. Matambo was so strong and big that he alone could fight a complete army, which he did many times to defend his own tribe from the attack of the Michués determined to recapture his lover. He lost the battle trying to defend their right to be together.

“Matambo has a perfectly round and balanced cup. Expresses notes of brown sugar and lemon cake.”

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