Mario José Hervas

Finca El Meridiano






June – October




1,450 MASL



El Meridiano, a beautiful farm full of springs, waterfalls, small rivers and a beautiful landscape view of valley below. This farm is home to the unique coffee owned by Mario Hervas. He was a pioneer on the specialty coffee industry in the region of Nanegal. At first, he had a hard time identifying the best techniques to produce high quality coffee as he was one of the first coffee growers in the region.

Initially, Mario’s love for coffee led him to work in barismo and this is where he first started to learn about the product. His interest in agriculture and passion for coffee woke in him the idea of producing specialty coffee, and this led him to acquire a piece of land to start growing coffee. He doesn’t live at Finca El Meridiano but he is responsible for the quality control, fermentation and drying processes on the farm, which he has now owned for six years. Coffee production is Mario’s hobby, as he managed ice cream parlours in Quito. Over time, he has expanded his coffee area and volume. Someday, he wants his coffee to become one of the best coffees that is produced in Ecuador.

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