La Trampa is a blend of coffees from an hacienda, a farm founded by Jerry La Rué and nowadays owned by his family, which has been producing coffee for five generations now. The hacienda is located in the town of Volcán Grande. Many years ago, everyone who passed by had to make a mandatory stop into the hacienda. The name “La Trampa” comes from the visitants who said that the hacienda trapped everyone inside for its beautiful location and breathtaking views.

Since its beginnings, La Trampa has been one of the most important coffee haciendas in the region. Besides being one of the pioneers in Caturra production in the north of the country, they still conserve some of the traditional techniques, making them have one of the highest volumes of production in Nicaragua. Today the farm is divided by three different producers, all of them part of the new generation of La Rué Family.

General Info


3 producers from La Rué Family


Municipality of Jinotega

Jinotega. Nicaragua


1,100 – 1,500 MASL


Caturra/ Maracaturra/ Catuai/ Bourbon

Technical Info

  Processing Method

Fully Washed


Guaba, Bucaro, Musaseas


Screen 15 +SCAA. Specialty Grade


December – March

  Drying Method

00% shade dried on raised beds at Beneficio La Estrella

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