First Semester: November – January Second Semester:  June – August




1,450 – 1,800 MASL


Caturra · Castillo · Colombia

Garzón has always been an area that produces coffee and cacao. When you drive through the small town, the two things that stand out are the number of churches and the number of coffee buyers- this religious area has always relied on coffee as its main economic activity. The majority of the farms in the region lie between 1300-1600 MASL, and in recent years the area has had huge problems with leaf rust, due to warm temperatures found on the majority of these farm. This prolific problem combined with a government incentive to plant resistant varieties led to the majority of the region switching away from traditional varieties. Unfortunately, these resistant varieties have not proved to produce great cup quality, resulting in a lot of producers from Garzón now just producing commercial grade coffee.

However, some quality focused producers did keep their traditional varieties and with much hard work they have managed to keep the leaf rust at bay. These outstanding farmers produce the coffee for La Falda. “La Falda is the brand that derives from Garzón, the name coming from the shape of the mountains against the horizon, which looks like a skirt. This coffee has notes of coriander seed, yellow fruit, panela, and caramel. It has a silky body, bright orange acidity with hints of almonds”.

Approximately 37 small-scale growers from the municipality of Garzón.

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