Juy – October




1,450 – 2,050 MASL


Typica · Bourbon · Caturra

Located 20 km away from Quillabamba, in a small district called Echarati, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, there is a beautiful natural wonder, the waterfall of Las Siete Tinajas. The waterfall is a stream composed of lithic granite outcrops. As time passed and on its way through the waterfall, the icy waters carved into the rock different types of wells of very irregular shapes, leading to its formation and creating 7 water streams – reason why it is called Siete Tinajas or Seven Jars.

Local story holds that Siete Tinajas also represented a place of conversation and it was possibly an important ceremonial center of the cult of water. It is surely scenic beauty of the natural wealth that surrounds this waterfall, of tropical flora and fauna typical of the Amazonian climate and the warmth of the inhabitants, wide fields of cocoa cultivation to produce chocolate and coffee. For this reason, Las Siete Tinajas has a very important meaning archeologically and anthropologically. When you visit this place, you’ll enter in a magical world with charming people and beautiful surroundings, the place where coffee of Siete Tinajas is grown.

This coffee is uniquely floral with notes of tropical fruits, chocolate, caramel, honey, and orange.

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