Juan Pablo Salguero & Maria del Carmen Murcia

Finca Los Guayabos


El Salvador


San Francisco Morazán


December to February




1,800 MASL


Pacas  Bourbon  Pacamara

High up in the coffee lands of Chalatenango, Juan Pablo Salguero and his wife, Maria del Carmen own a coffee farm called los Guayabos. They named their 14-hectare farm Los Guayabos due to the large quantity of guava trees around the farm, protecting and shading their coffee trees. In 2008, Juan Pablo started wondering what would be the best product to grow on his farm. He was looking for something that would grow well in the soil, at the altitude, and with the land conditions where the farm was located. After thinking and speaking to neighbours he figured that the best option would be to grow coffee.

Seven years later, he was producing conventional coffee, but still searching for better prices and better ways to protect nature and the environment, as well as ways to generate employment in the region. He then considered producing specialty coffee. He had the advantage that all the varieties that he had on his farm were favourable for the production of specialty coffee.

What makes Juan Pablo most proud of his farm is knowing that, during the harvest, everyone invests all their effort and works with dedication and passion. Juan Pablo is proud that he has built Los Guayabos with his own hands knowing that, someday, his son will be managing the farm and continuing on with the family legacy. Meanwhile, he will continue working on his farm processes to improve quality, enlarging the area grown with coffee, and building better post-harvest infrastructure.

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