Juan Pablo Bernal

Finca La Esperanza




Santa María


First semester: April – July   Second Semester: November – December




1,800 MASL


Caturra  Colombia  Catimor

Juan Pablo Bernal was born and raised in Santa María, Huila a traditional coffee growing municipality in Colombia. He grew up on Finca La Esperanza surrounded by coffee trees and a family that produced and processed it for a living. His entire life, he has been related to coffee. Since he was just 14, he started working as a day worker on other farms during the harvest to start making and saving money. As he grew older, he started moving around to other coffee growing areas to continue working as a picker. When Juan Pablo’s father sadly passed away, Juan Pablo came back to the farm to look after the land and to continue with his father’s legacy. When he started off running the farm, he didn’t have the same amount of time to work as a picker but between harvests, he would leave everything ready on Finca La Esperanza and travel to other farms in Antioquia where they hired him every year.

After taking over his family farm, he felt a little frustrated with coffee as he felt that all the hard work put in, wasn’t valued. However, in 2018 he met Caravela for the first time. Working with one of our agronomists, he learnt that his farm had ideal soil and climatic conditions to produce specialty coffee and all that would be necessary would be some small changes on the farm level. Before this, he had never thought of his farm as being special, but now he knows and feels very proud of the coffee that he produces. He remembers well delivering his first lot of coffee to our purchasing facility. He received great feedback matched with a great price for his coffee, which motivated him to focus entirely on specialty coffee production. Now he plans to work full-time on the farm, without traveling to other farms to make a bit of extra cash. He has many plans to improve the quality of his coffees but to start with he wants to organize his papers, documentation, and accounting. Next, he plans to plant some Tabi trees and to build new post-harvest infrastructures as well as a new house on the farm as he will now spend much more time there from now on.

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