Jaime Rafael Díaz & Jasmin Ochoa

Finca Las Ventanas


El Salvador


La Palma


December – February




1,500 MASL



Jaime started working at the farm when he left school, eleven years ago. He comes from a coffee growing family and his brother went away to the university, and Jaime Rafael decided to stay at the farm helping his father and continuing with the legacy. He says, “It has been quite a journey. Producing coffee has change a lot throughout the years since I started. The weather has changed and therefore the plagues and diseases that we must face.” He started with specialty two years ago and for him, having people cupping and providing feedback of the coffees that he delivered, was a game changer. He now could now the quality of his coffee and know how to improve. He says, “Nowadays I don’t sell any coffee without knowing the cupping results.”

His motivation is to work for his family, his two young kids and being able to improve their quality of life and offer them the sustainability. He wants his family to have a better quality of life. His brother and cousins are now the ones that are helping all the time at the farm, they try to do all the job by themselves but during the pick of the harvest hire people from the town to help. His next big project is to build rise beds at the farm to dry his coffee in a better way.

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