Hipólito Acuña Morales

Finca El Rosario






November – April


Nueva Segovia


1,450 – 1,600 MASL


Catuaí  Catimor  Villalobos

Hipólito has always been characterized as being an excellent sales person and he is passionate about commercializing products that he loves. He has always loved coffee, so in 2015 he decided to buy a piece of land that already had coffee trees under production. After that, he continued enlarging the farm by purchasing pieces of land from his neighbours. Now, he has 28 hectares all grown with coffee. He has focused on growing Caturra because it was the variety that was growing on the oldest part of farm and he has always obtained excellent cup quality with it. When he started producing coffee, he knew that the only way of being profitable was to produce specialty coffee. He knew that by selling specialty coffee he would receive better prices and a premium above the “C-market”. This extra income would help him improve the infrastructure on the farm which would in turn help him improve his coffees even more. For this reason, since the very beginning, he has focused on producing high quality.

Finca El Rosario is located in a special location, with abundant water streams creating a range of microclimates and a biodiverse environment, ideal for producing coffee.

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