Hernando García & Ana Edith Polanco

Finca Las Palmeras






First semester: June – July

Second semester: October – December




1,500 – 1,800 MASL


Bourbon  Caturra  Typica  Tabi

When Hernando was young, his father, Jose Audonia, wanted him to go to college and have a career in the capital, but all Hernando wanted was to continue with the family tradition and manage his own coffee farm. When he told this to his father, José gave him 4 hectares of land out of his farm for him to start learning about the product and the business. For 31 years, Hernando worked, initially on these 4 hectares, but eventually he inherited the whole farm. Applying what he had learned from his father, he produced lots of coffee, selling it to various cooperatives. After 31 years, he decided to sell the farm that he had inherited from his father and purchased his own farm. Today, Finca Las Palmeras is not only a representation of much hard work and effort, but it also represents a beautiful family business.

Ana Edith, Hernando’s wife is in charge of preparing the food for the workers and she also helps Hernando take care of the fermentation process. Their son, Leonardo García, helps by picking coffee during the harvest and is in charge of hand-sorting out the defects before the coffee is taken to the Caravela warehouse. Hernando supervises and guarantees that all the processes are done properly and assures that the quality constantly improves. What makes Hernando most proud of Finca Las Palmeras is that it maintains the family united. It is a place where they work all together and everyone learns from each other. Hernando started producing specialty coffee in 2009 because he wanted to make the most out of his product and produce the best quality.

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