May – July




1,830 MASL



Henry’s father spent most of his life producing coffee on Finca El Chirimoyo located in the department of Nariño and from a young age, Henry remembers being involved with farm jobs and helping his father with the production of coffee. One of the most stable components in Henry’s life has been coffee. As the years passed, Henry continued to be motivated and excited by the opportunities that coffee brought him. As his will to grow coffee increased, he became interested in specialty coffee. His main motives were to take advantage of his knowledge, capabilities, and farm characteristics to produce a better product, to make his farm known, to receive recognition for his hard work, and to receive a better price for his product.

Henry is not a typical producer, he is very innovative. He loves to experiment and try new things on his farm and is focused on always improving. He keeps track of the changes and improvements he implements to then analyze all the results together and to see what he can replicate in the future. He also likes to research and uses the internet to keep himself informed about new innovations in the coffee industry that might be able to help him improve the quality of his coffee.

Finca El Chirimoyo is lucky to be located in the municipality of Buesaco, a place said to have the best climate in the world. This perfect climate is ideal for the production of specialty coffee. For this reason, Buesaco is very well-known for achieving some of the best scored coffees in the prestigious Cup of Excellence.

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