Francisco Restrepo & Gabriela Valarezo

Finca Frajares






April – September




1,750 MASL


Typica Mejorada – Caturra

Francisco Javier Restrepo carries coffee in his blood, but he didn’t realize that until 2013. His grandfather used to be a coffee grower in Caldas, Colombia. However, Francisco grew up and lives in Ecuador and, at first, he had nothing to do with coffee, even though he owned a recreational farm close to the city of Quito. Around the year 2013, he started listening about Ecuadorian coffee and he heard that the land where his farm was located was ideal to produce good and special coffee. That was the moment when he realized that he had to do it, he had to follow his grandfather’s steps, he knew deep down that he carried the coffee tradition in his blood. He decided to start growing coffee. He started with 4,000 trees of Typica and 3,000 trees of Caturra. His first harvest was in 2016 and, since the very beginning, he knew he wanted to go an extra mile to produce coffee for the specialty coffee market.

Besides being very quality-oriented, Francisco has always taken very special care to the environment and ecology. Although his farm is still not organic, he hasn’t used pesticides for two years now. He takes very special care of water sources, flora and fauna. He has a space for hummingbirds to drink water and he has lots of trees for the birds, butterflies and other animals to have a perfect habitat. Francisco has also created a touristic environment in his farm where people can visit and to coffee tours and learn about all the coffee process. In the short term, Francisco plans to continue innovating and experimenting in his farm.

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