Green Coffee Spot Offerings

Our coffees are the result of the combined passion of over 150 employees and 4,000 farmers in 13 different countries and we want you to find your perfect match!

The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in our warehouses in Europe where we store coffee. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.  We are not a spot business, we specialize in facilitating long term relationships where everyone wins. But sometimes you have to try before you buy. If you are interested in having a sample from our Green Coffee Offerings, please do not hesitate to request a sample or contact us. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

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Based on the following list
CountryMarksPackagingCup ScoreWarehouseQuantity availablePrice GBP/KgPrice USD/KgICORequest a sampleLearn moreNotesCategoryProcess
Colombia La Virgen70kg bag86Vollers186.477.8303-0178-00807-19 Here HereAlmonds, dates, figs, toffee, classic, peach juice, well structured, black tea finish.Community BlendFully Washed
Colombia Los Rosales70kg bag85.5Vollers107.298.8203-0178-00810-19 Here HereMilk chocolate, honey, almonds, caramel, malt, pastry, green apple, juicy cleanCommunity BlendFully Washed
Colombia El Tablon 70kg bag84Vollers96.067.3403-0178-00865-19 HereN/ARed currants, tea-like body, sweet.Community BlendFully Washed
Colombia Los Vascos EU Organic70kg bags 86Vollers126.137.4903-0178-00032-20 HereN/ABrown sugar, almonds, orange peel, cherries, complex, really juicy and well balanced.Community BlendFully Washed
Colombia Los Ocobos EU Organic70kg bags 85.75Vollers256.137.4903-0178-00033-20 HereN/AAll-spices, dark chocolate, nougat, malt, green apple, lime zest, caramel, balanced.Community BlendFully Washed
EcuadorAltos de Saraguallas35kg K-bag86.5Vollers45.416.61008-Q049-0068-19 Here HereRed berries, mango, brown sugar, vanilla, violet, very balanced.Community BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorLa Joya Lot 03-0469kg bag85.25Vollers55.136.6109-466-03-04-19 Here HereBlack cherry, nuts, red apple, marzipan, clean.Community BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorLa Joya Lot 06-0569kg bag85.25Vollers165.136.6109-466-03-03-19 Here HereDried berries, nuts, cocoa, green grape, juicy finish.Community BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorEl Mural Lot 03-0569kg bag84.75Vollers105.136.6109-466-03-05-19 Here HereBrown sugar, dates, green apple, lemon, zesty acidity.Community BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorEl Mural Lot 03-0669kg bag85.25Vollers45.136.6109-466-03-06-19 Here HereDates, raisins, red currant, full body, well-structured.Community BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorEl Mural Lot 03-0769kg bag84.25Vollers184.625.9509-466-03-07-19 Here HereBaker's chocolate, butter, orange bitters, dried figs, effervescent acidity, soft body.Community BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorEl Mural Lot 03-0869kg bag85Vollers24.625.9509-466-03-08-19 Here HerePastry, almonds, blood orange, maple syrup, nectarine, juicy body.Community BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaPerla Negra Lot 003669kg bag84.75Vollers33.854.9611-991-0036-19 Here HerePraline, caramel, brown sugar, dark chocolate, hint of stone fruits, delicate but well-structuredCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaPerla Negra Lot 002369kg bag85Vollers284.716.0611-991-0037-19 Here HereBlackberries, intense hazelnuts, caramel, syrupy bodyCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaEl Templo 003969kg bag84.50Vollers254.716.0611-991-0039-19 Here HereWhite grapes, apricot, some florals, juicy body, baker's chocolate finishCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaEl Templo 003869kg bag85.25Vollers355.226.7211-991-0038-19 Here HereRoasted hazelnuts, red apple, yellow fruits, apricot sweetnessCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLos Ancestros 004269kg bag84Vollers133.854.9611-991-0042-19 Here HereMilk chocolate, light florals, dried berries, bourbon, orange, malt, round bodyCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLos Ancestros Lot 004369kg bag85.25Vollers124.716.0611-991-0043-19 Here HereRed berries, candied apples, candy floss, lemon acidity, pecans, milk chocolateCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLa Leona69kg bag84.75Vollers194.716.0611-991-0040-19 Here HereMilk chocolate, almonds, apple/pear, very round body, honey sweetnessCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaCarlos Rivas69kg bag85.50Vollers105.487.0511-991-0021-19 Here HereLime, blackcurrant, raspberry jam, caramel sweetness, juicy body, balanced MicrolotFully Washed
MexicoLas Cotorras Lot 000969kg bag84.5Vollers204.285.51016-3008-0009-19 Here HereBrown sugar, toffee, pastry, cherry, good body, juicy on cooling.Community BlendFully Washed
MexicoMico de Noche 69kg bag85Vollers65.136.61016-3008-0008-19 Here HereCaramel, marzipan, blackberry, plums, bright, thick body, balanced.Community BlendFully Washed
MexicoMonte Alban ML69kg bag85Vollers55.487.05016-3008-0004-19 Here HereSpicy, peach, pastry, tropical notes, juicy.MicrolotFully Washed
NicaraguaLa Misericordia 69kg bag84.5Vollers105.646.83017-422-21-05-19 HereN/AWhisky, caramel, black tea, yellow fruits, currants, juicyCommunity BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaSan Ramon Lot 21-0369kg bag85.5Vollers36.838.27017-422-21-03-19 Here HereGingerbread, brown sugar, citric acidity, blackcurrants, jammy, balancedCommunity BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaLas Nubes 69kg bag84.25Vollers1456.06017-422-31-01-19 Here HereNuts, refined sugar, cereal, citrus acidity, smooth body.Community BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaLa Estrella Lot 31-0669kg bag84.5Vollers4056.06017-422-31-06-19 Here HereHazelnuts, toffee, sweet popcorn, red berries, soft bodyCommunity BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaLa Esquinita 69kg bag84.75Vollers2056.06017-422-31-08-19 HereN/AMilk chocolate, nougat, sage, juicy and syrupy, botanical.Community BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaLa Estrella Lot 31-0369kg bag85Vollers305.837.05017-422-31-03-19 Here HereHerbal, milk chocolate, grapefruit, jasmine tea, dried apricots, cocoa powder finish.Community BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaEl Diablo 69kg bag85Vollers305.837.05017-422-31-11-19 Here HereDark chocolate, almonds, toffee, green tea, clean finishCommunity BlendFully Washed
Peru El Guayacan Lot 185969kg bags84.5Vollers1006.417.8330-01-1859-19 Here HereBotanical, plums, pastry, lemon, clean, refined sugar.Community BlendFully Washed
Peru Maximo Rupuy69kg bags86Vollers491130-01-1861-19 HereN/AMarzipan, florals, lemon curd, yellow fruits, raspberry candy, balanced, sticky body.MicrolotFully Washed

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