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The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in our warehouses in  Europe, where we store coffee. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.

If you are interested in receiving samples from our Green Coffee Offerings and seeing prices, quantities available and detailed cupping information, please create an account. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

 CountryMarksPackagingLocationQuantity availableCategoryProcessNotes
ColombiaGaviota de Oporapa70kg GP BagVollers15Community LotFully WashedDark chocolate, cherry, brown sugar, creamy, syrupy, nuts, honey.
ColombiaLas Brisas70kg GP BagVollers15Community LotFully WashedDark chocolate, stone fruits, bright citrus, pastry, panela, brown sugar.
ColombiaEl Jordan70kg GP BagVollers10Community LotFully WashedBrown sugar, florals, white grapes, saugvignon blanc, green tea, balanced.
ColombiaLa Estrella del Ostro70kg GP BagVollers10Community LotFully WashedMolasses, peach, raisins, raspberry, melon, orange blossom, clean.
ColombiaLa Serrania - Sugarcane Decaf70kg GP BagVollers27Community LotFully WashedChocolate, amaretto, cranberry, lemon, cherry, round.
EcuadorAltos de Marfil35kg K-BagVollers7Community LotFully WashedFresh plums, delicate, berries, dried apricots, tart, pastry, caramel.
EcuadorAltos de Saraguallas35kg K-BagVollers20Community LotFully WashedIntense brown sugar, marzipan, citrus acidity, zingy mouthfeel, clean.
EcuadorJuan Vergara35kg K-BagVollers1MicrolotFully WashedSpices, violets, blackcurrant, bourbon, wine-like, blueberries, syrupy, balanced.
El SalvadorEl Mural 07-2069kg GP BagVollers15Community LotFully WashedFloral, herbal, caramel, butter, clean.
El SalvadorEugenia Diaz A69kg GP BagVollers15Single FarmFully WashedVanilla, orange, nuts, clean.
El SalvadorEl Mural 03-2069kg GP BagVollers8Community LotFully WashedDark chocolate, cherry, amaretto, orange acidity, nuts.
El SalvadorFamilia Diaz - Honey69kg GP BagVollers11MicrolotHoney Mandarin, mint, floral, delicate, honey, clean.
El SalvadorRenato Diaz Diaz - Natural34.5kg Vac-Pac BoxVollers4MicrolotNaturalDried mango, tropical, orange juice, milk chocolate, florals, clean, creamy body.
GuatemalaLos Capulines 02069kg GP BagVollers14Community LotFully WashedMilk chocolate, lemon sherbert, cocoa powder, citrus acidity, round body.
GuatemalaLa Cometa 01669kg GP BagVollers20Community LotFully WashedCaramel, cedar, almonds, raisins, pastry, round.
GuatemalaEl Templo 01769kg GP BagVollers4Community LotFully WashedChocolate, marzipan, marshmallow, fruity, dried currants, red grape, creamy body.
GuatemalaPerla Negra 01969kg GP BagVollers7Community LotFully WashedBlack tea, unique, botanical, honeydew melon, apricot, florals on finish.
GuatemalaLos Ancestros 04569kg GP BagVollers14Community LotFully WashedMilk chocolate, brown sugar, syrupy, botanical finish.
GuatemalaLa Leona 04669kg GP BagVollers28Community LotFully WashedApricot, nuts, panela, clean, juicy.
GuatemalaLa Cometa EU Organic69kg GP BagVollers40Community LotFully WashedCaramel, nuts, dark chocolate, thick body.
GuatemalaLos Ancestros 04769kg GP BagVollers16Community LotFully WashedFlorals, blackcurrants, raisins, tea-like, complex, intense sweet finish, juicy.
GuatemalaEl Templo 04869kg GP BagVollers25Community LotFully WashedNectarine, brown sugar, black tea, soft body, mellow.
GuatemalaEduardo Herrera Villatoro34.5kg Vac-Pac BoxVollers12MicrolotFully WashedDark chocolate, apricot, clean, florals, bright, raspberries, silky body.
GuatemalaRodolfo Jeronimo Solis34.5kg Vac-Pac BoxVollers5MicrolotFully WashedCocoa nibs, brown sugar, florals, plums, round, balanced.
GuatemalaBrenda Molina69kg GP BagVollers14MicrolotFully WashedBlackcurrant, citrus, lime zest, complex, panela, clean and juicy.
MexicoLas Cotorras 20-2069kg GP BagVollers100Community LotFully WashedCaramel, roasted nuts, lemon acidity, round body, clean.
MexicoLos Milagros69kg GP BagVollers19Community LotFully WashedRed fruits, dark chocolate, honey, syrupy body.
MexicoMonte Alban 29-2069kg GP BagVollers21Community LotFully WashedCocoa nibs, chocolate, orange, melon, hazelnuts, clean.
MexicoLas Cotorras 34-2069kg GP BagVollers13Community LotFully WashedToffee, red currants, dried figs, honey, juicy, some florals.
MexicoMonte Alban 21-20 EU Organic69kg GP BagVollers20Community LotFully WashedVanilla, madarin, milk chocolate, buttery body.
NicaraguaLas Nubes 12-2069kg GP BagVollers30Community LotFully WashedNuts, canteloupe melon, caramel, juicy, sugarcane sweetness.
NicaraguaSan Ramon 03-2069kg GP BagVollers10Single FarmFully WashedDark Chocolate, caramel, honeycomb, some tropical notes.
NicaraguaEl Diablo 01-2069kg GP BagVollers20Community LotFully WashedCaramel, hazelnuts, soft body, clean and sweet.
NicaraguaEl Poste 07-2069kg GP BagVollers2Single FarmFully WashedDark chocolate, cherry, amaretto, cherry jam, jammy body.
NicaraguaEl Recuerdo 05-2069kg GP BagVollers8Single FarmFully WashedHoney, nectarine, florals, complex, botanical finish, black tea, marzipan.
NicaraguaEl Triunfo 03-2069kg GP BagVollers2Single FarmFully WashedLiquorice, dark chocolate, red currants, raspberries, lingering, long finish, juicy.
NicaraguaSan Ramon 01-2069kg GP BagVollers6Single FarmFully WashedBrown sugar, milk chocolate, vanilla, botanical, light citrus, bergamote, some florals.
NicaraguaLa Esperanza 02-2069kg GP BagVollers4Single FarmFully WashedOrange, caramel, dark chocolate, melon, peach, fresh cream, round body.
NicaraguaLos Pirineos69kg GP BagVollers20Single FarmFully WashedMilk chocolate, plums, roasted nuts, good body.
NicaraguaEl Poste 04-2069kg GP BagVollers20Single FarmFully WashedPecans, orange peel, caramel, sof body.
NicaraguaEl Porvenir69kg GP BagVollers10Single FarmFully WashedDark Chocolate, caramel, delicate, honey.


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