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The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that are available in our UK warehouse. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.

If you are interested in receiving samples from our Green Coffee Offerings and seeing prices, quantities available and detailed cupping information, please create an account. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

wdt_ID-CountryMarksPackagingCup ScoreLocationQuantity availablePrice USD/lbPrice USD/KgICOCategoryProcessNotesAdd SampleInfo

ColombiaFlor Maria Lopez Tafur - Tabi Natural35kg Vac-Pac Box86Vollers79.8021.6103-0178-00664-21Single FarmNaturalTepache, pineapple, juicy, malted barley, round, fruit punch.

ColombiaLa Serrania Sugarcane Decaf 72470kg GP Bag84.75Vollers14.259.3703-0178-00742-21Community LotFully WashedRaspberry, hard candy, slick, biscuits, nougat, sweet and jammy.

El SalvadorEl Imposible 07-0469kg GP Bag84.75Vollers43.75 8.2709-466-07-04-21Community LotFully WashedCerial, Sugar cane, stone fruits, milk chocolate, herbacious, nice acidity.

El SalvadorMaria Benitez - Pacamara69kg GP Bag85.5Vollers84.60 10.1409-466-07-07-21Single FarmFully WashedNutty, bright, tea-like, cocoa finish, stewed apple, honey, slick body.

El SalvadorJose Alfredo Recinos - Pacas69kg GP Bag86.25Vollers45.20 11.4609-466-07-06-21Single FarmNaturalStrawberry yoghurt, lemon zest, citurs juice, cocoa powder, clean, round.

El SalvadorRenato Diaz 07-0869kg GP Bag86.25Vollers55.78 12.7409-466-07-08-21Single FarmNaturalTropical, pineapple, strawberry, complex, juicy, round, rum and raisin.

NicaraguaEl Poste 10-0269kg GP Bag84Vollers83.517.74017-422-10-02-21Community LotFully WashedAromatic herbs, buttery, dark chocolate, citrus juices, malted barley, round body.

NicaraguaLas Brumas 10-0969kg GP Bag84.75Vollers63.51 7.74017-422-10-05-21Community LotFully WashedButter, stone fruits, cocoa nibs, malted barley, lemon, tea-like.

NicaraguaLa Estrella 10-0569kg GP Bag84.5Vollers23.51 7.74017-422-10-05-21Community LotFully WashedNutmeg, milk chocolate, honey, stone fruits, syrupy body, plum jam.

NicaraguaLa Cordillera 11-2169kg GP Bag85.25Vollers34.25 9.37017-422-10-11-21Community LotFully WashedMilk chocolate, pomelo, florals, apricot, botanical, juicy, green grapes, silky body.
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