Eudoro José Guillen

Finca Los Pirineos






January – April


Nueva Segovia


1,350 – 1,500 MASL



Since he was a child, Eudoro has been involved with the coffee world, as his parents were before him. Nine years ago, he inherited this farm from his father and started to grow coffee own his own, for the first time. He began producing specialty coffee and he received lots good feedback from local cuppers and exporting companies. He felt a great sense of satisfaction and was proud of what he had achieved. This feedback also motivated him to focus more on his specialty coffee production. “My main motivation in producing specialty coffee is the personal satisfaction that I feel when a customer tells me how much he /she likes my coffee” says Eudoro. Eudoro says that he has learnt everything he knows through trial and error. His success in producing great coffee has allowed him to improve his family’s quality of life as well as that of the community. Soil, climate, altitude and flora are the things that make this farm such a special place for coffee production, this combined with the way Eudoro manages it and the passion with which he works.

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