Euclides Vargas & Esmeda Lozano

Finca Buena Vista




Herrera, Rioblanco


First semester: March – April

Second semester: October – December




1,800 MASL


Bourbon  Caturra  Castillo

By the age of 12, Euclides’ step father had already taught his much about producing coffee. He used to tell Euclides that it was important that he understood everything as one day, he would take over the farm. This day sadly came sooner than it should, Euclides’ step father became sick and Euclides slowly started taking responsibility for his family’s farm.

The old family farm was eventually left to another sibling but the year 2010, after Euclides married Esmeda, they both decided to purchase their very own farm and start a family business. They acquired Finca Buena Vista, the name referring to the beautiful view of the town, surrounded by enormous mountains. Esmeda has always helped out Euclides, not only with the daily operations on the farm, but also, in terms of motivation with ideas and moral support. Euclides says that his wife and his son are his biggest engines to continue moving forward and that he couldn’t ask them for anything more. Another great motivation for Euclides is the idea that someone in a faraway country is drinking his coffee and enjoying it. When that person asks where the coffee is from, it can be known that it was produced on a very small farm, in the highlands of Colombia.

Unfortunately, at the end of 2018, Euclides decided to sell his farm because of a personal emergency. However, he greatly misses it and when this storm passes, he plans to buy a another, grow new lots, and produce even better coffee than he did with his old farm. His best memories on Finca Buena Vista were when he would finish his daily tasks and would sit with his wife on a bench looking out at the sunset hiding behind the vast mountains. Now, Euclides is ready for new challenges on a new farm where he can apply everything that he learned on Finca Buena Vista.

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