Esneider Ramos & Maria Antonia Torres

Finca La Falda






First semester: May – July

Second semester: October – December




1,800 MASL


Caturra  Colombia  Castillo

Esneider Ramos’ farm is located on a steep hill but he has never let this affect or get in the way of him producing coffee. He bought this farm of one hectare ten years ago and with the help of his family, he now has a thriving coffee business. Because of the size of the farm Esneider can carry out most of the work by himself but during harvest times he employs a couple of workers to help collect all the coffee, his children also like to help out when they can find the time.

Esneider takes great care in looking after the soil on his farm and takes advantage of when he is renovating his coffee trees to grow other crops. This not only provides his family with nutritious food, but it also helps improve the quality of the soil as often he grows nitrogen fixing legumes, preparing the land for the next generation of coffee trees.

Finca La Falda is a great source of pride for Esneider, his father was a coffee producer and watching him work with love and care is what inspired him to do the same.

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