December – March




1,320 MASL


Garnica · Typica

Roberto Licona is passionate about agriculture. He loves nature and has always gone out of his way take care of it because he believes that without nature there wouldn’t be agriculture, and without agriculture we would have no food. Roberto studied to be an agricultural engineer and that was the start of his interest in growing coffee. In 1960 he bought a farm with the intention to start producing coffee as well as some other crops. However, after buying the land, Roberto realised that the previous owners had not taken very good care of the soil and so in 1964 Ricardo started a project to save the land and the biodiversity by planting hundreds of native trees as well as coffee trees. Since the beginning, Roberto has been focused on sustainable management of his farm always looking to conserve biodiversity. Due to his efforts, Roberto has found huge potential for his farm to produce specialty coffee. For many years, Roberto has used his expertise in agronomy to train and educate other coffee growers in the region, helping them produce specialty coffee. At the moment, Roberto’s son, Emilio Licona is slowly taking control of the farm, following in his father footsteps and continuing with the legacy. The family is very proud to have achieved first place in Cup of Excellence 2013, Second place in Cup of Excellence 2014, and 14th place in Cup of Excellence 2017. Emilio is more motivated than ever to continue improving and developing the farm that his father started.

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