Elisa Beatriz Aguilar

Finca Las Ventas


El Salvador


La Palma


December to January




1,400 MASL.


Pacas – Bourbon – Pacamara

Finca Las Ventas is located in the municipality of La Palma, a very special spot in El Salvador. Inside of the boundaries of the farm you will find, not only a beautiful forest, but also a waterfall that leads into a creek that runs through the farm. This unique environment enriches the diversity of the ecosystems on the farm. Coffee from Las Ventas stands out on the cupping tables for its sweetness, rich body and juicy complexity. Elisa Aguilar is 29 years old and has been involved with coffee for the last 15 years. For eight of these years, she has been in the specialty coffee world.

Elisa decided to be a coffee producer because it was what her family did, she was born with coffee in her veins. Elisa’s father was a coffee pioneer in the region and as she grew up, she absorbed a lot of information from her father on how to manage a farm. It was an easy decision for her because she had the experience and knowledge. She wanted to continue with her father’s legacy, and she wanted to put into practice all that she had learned from when she was a girl. Elisa, has learned how to cup and how to evaluate her own coffees allowing her to connect the knowledge from the cupping table to the farm. She also recognizes the challenges of diseases and plagues and continuously tries to understand how to manage and control them in order to maintain quality.

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