El Volcan






January – March


Nueva Segovia


1,500 MASL


Maragogype · Cauaí · Caturra

Curiously the volcano that this blend is named after is not really a volcano. Looking at it you could be fooled though, and this is how the area, surrounding the mountain that appears to be a volcano, was named “El Volcan”. This is a special coffee growing region because of the high altitude, the mild climate and shade found covering the coffee tree on the farms. Here the vegetation is green and plentiful, a healthy ecosystem where the coffee trees flourish.

Farmers here take advantage of the special environment by not just growing amazing coffees but also by planting vegetable gardens to sustain themselves and their families, with fresh produce. Farmers mainly grow traditional varieties here and they process their coffees to highest possible standard. Picked coffee cherries are
de-pulped immediately and then left to ferment for between 24-36 hours depending on the altitude and specific climatic conditions of the farm.

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