January – April


Nueva Segovia


1,300 – 1,700 MASL


Catuai · Typica · Caturra

Finca Los Postes has passed through some difficult moments as the land was to be foreclosed by the bank because of an unpaid debt and soon after, in 1998, Hurricane Mitch passed through the farm and destroyed the coffee trees and all the farm infrastructure. The financial entity that was in charge of foreclosing the farm, decided to auction off the piece of land to other people in the region that might be interested. Many potential buyers wanted to take part, trying to take advantage of what they thought would be a low price for a good piece of land. However just as time was running out, Guillermo who had previously owned the property, managed to improve his economic situation. He invested all his strength and effort and finally managed to take ownership of the farm again. This is where the name Los Postes comes from, because in the end, no one else could buy the farm despite the obstacles that were in Guillermo’s way. In the year 2012, bad luck struck again, and Guillermo’s coffee trees had a massive affliction of leaf rust, which resulted in him having to clear out all his trees and start over again, from the beginning. Despite everything that has happen on this farm, Guillermo feels very blessed for all the opportunities he has had in the coffee world. Over the years, Guillermo has fallen but he has always made himself stand up again and his passion for coffee has always prevailed.

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