Coffees Available in North American Warehouses

We want you to fall in love with our coffees, to keep wanting to buy them, for it to be inconceivable that you would choose anything else. Our coffees are the result of the combined passion of over 150 employees and 4500 farmers in 12 different countries – we want you to find your perfect match. But sometimes you have to play the field, find out what you like, what suits you, what fulfils your needs – and that’s what spot is for. We are not a spot business, we specialize in match-making, facilitating long term relationships where everyone wins. But sometimes you have to try before you buy. You have to date. So be our guest, take ‘em for a spin; try them on and see which fit. Perhaps your perfect coffee is already in store and waiting for you in one of our many warehouses worldwide. We’ve lined up a few for you here:
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Featured Coffees Available from North America

Palo Blanco

The best way to describe this coffee is: unexpected. It’s very fruity, extremely bright, very consistent and it has a very clean finish. But what made us fall in love with this coffee was not just the cup profile or the family business, but the impact they have in their community and how their mission aligns to ours.

El Guayacán

In Peru, is all about choosing the right coffees. We’ve been able to select consistently good lots, which perfectly demonstrates everything this origin has to offer. This particular coffee is very floral, bright, with expressive and delicate notes.  It’s a coffee that everyone can love as much as we love it, with the additional plus that it’s NOP Organic certified.

La Falda

Caravela has been working with producers in Garzón, Huila for about three years now and, throughout time, we have been able to notice great improvement in the quality of coffee from this region. Garzón, located in the ‘heart’ of Huila, is also known for the big hearts and hospitality of its people

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