Caravela is delighted to present CINCO.

A first of its kind, high-quality green coffee focused subscription program, designed to give roasters a monthly opportunity to experience the very best of what our talented Latin American coffee producers have to offer. Every two months, you will discover five all-star microlots, produced along the mystical highlands of Latin America.

You will no longer need to work your way through hundreds of samples, sacrificing time and energy to find ‘the one’. Take comfort in knowing that Caravela’s devoted and trusted quality team of coffee professionals has done more than half the work for you. Every two months, simply receive your samples, cup and evaluate, decide on your favourites and purchase online to receive them at your roastery. Then roast, serve and begin to tell the stories of these artisan producers.

Get excited because accessing high-quality, Caravela sourced, rare and exclusive coffees in Australia, just became a lot easier!

Our subscription program CINCO begins at origin.

Every day, our team of coffee experts from all over Latin America receive and analyse amazing coffees from some of the world’s finest producers. For Caravela, a microlot is the epitome of craftmanship. There are hundreds of quality-minded coffee growers that are consistently striving to achieve an outstanding profile. They don’t do it just for the price, they do it for the recognition and personal satisfaction. So how could we blend them? We truly believe in keeping these outstanding coffees separate, passing all the credit back to the craftsman.

We have created a one-of-a-kind subscription program, so we can share these extraordinary gems with roasters in Australia. Every two months our team in Australia will select 5 exemplary micro-lots produced in Latin America. You will receive a box with five fresh samples of our newest microlot arrivals. In this box you will not only find 5 coffees, you will find 5 stories, 5 families, 5 all-stars coffees. You will discover some of the best coffees from the eight origins where we source. No matter the distance, you will connect with 5 quality-minded producers.

And the best part? Once you roast, cup and decide which one you would like to purchase, you can do so online. Shipping for samples is included in the price and coffees will be delivered right to your door. And if you don’t have a sample roaster or if you just prefer to receive your samples already roasted, there is the option to get the same samples carefully and professionally roasted by our team in Sydney.

Buying high-quality green has never been easier!

How do I get started with CINCO?
Choose a plan according to your needs and subscribe to CINCO.

Choose your program, with samples to be delivered green or roasted, every two months.

2.Receive your CINCO Box

Receive a box with 5 microlot samples from different Latin American origins within the first 5 days of the delivery month.


If you opted to receive your samples roasted, simply skip this step!

4.Cup and Evaluate

Allow the quality of CINCO every two months to create a unique cupping experience as you journey your way through these five outstanding coffees.


Your favourite coffees will be available to buy online

Roasted Coffee
If you prefer to receive your samples already roasted by us:
2-month subscription
6-month subscription
12-month subscription
Green Coffee
If you prefer to roast your samples with your roasting profile
2-month subscription
6-month subscription
12-month subscription

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