Exhausted from the non-stop city life in downtown Quito, Jaime Homero Ponce began looking into new opportunities for a complete lifestyle change. He wanted to spend more time, as close as he could, to nature. His brother, Pablo, had a recreational farm up in the highlands of Nanegalito, just one hour away from the capital, which Jaime loved to visit at weekends with his family, having barbeques and watching the birds fly by.

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Finca La Giuglia used to produce sugar cane, which was then made into the potent liquor often shared around tables in tiendas throughout the Ecuadorian countryside, otherwise known as aguardiente. Sugar cane had been growing on this farm for many generations but after inheriting the land, siblings Dilma and her brother Pedro decided that they wanted to focus on producing something else.

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The department of Caquetá, with its amazing array of flora and fauna, for many years was barely seen/ visited by anyone. Over the last five decades, the socio-political situation in Caquetá has been so unstable that it has not allowed this department to sustainably develop. Caquetá, where Alexander used live, is now infamously known throughout Colombia due its violence past and guerilla presence.

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Finca El Paraiso, owned by José Ignacio Gómez, is lucky enough to receive the famous Buesaco weather. Not only this, it also has amazing landscape views, which is how the farm got its name. In his efforts to protect the amazing biodiversity and climate, on Finca El Paraiso they always aim to produce coffee in an environmentally sustainable way.

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One family, a coffee farm located in a marginalized community and one passion that brings them together: coffee. Finca La Julia hides within the mountains of the western range in the Colombian Andes. It is located in the municipality of Trujillo, Valle del Cauca and is currently managed by the second generation of the Ocampo Family.

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