Finca La Unión




San Pedro Necta






1,800 MASL


*Varietal Farm
Bourbon – Caturra – Pacamara – Geisha – Anacafé 14

Carlos Rivas is a bit of a coff­ee expert. Not only has he worked in coff­ee for nearly thirty years, he also studied agricultural engineering and has used his work on farms and for cooperatives in the past to test theories and develop projects. Carlos used to own a farm at a relatively low altitude and for many years this farm worked very well, producing some incredible lots of co­ffee. However, over the last 20 years with the changes in climate this area became unsuitable for growing high quality co­ffees. Carlos thought long and hard but really there was only one solution if he wanted to continue growing co­ffee.

It took Carlos a while but after a wide search he found the farm that he works on today, located at a higher attitude and in general with a climate that is perfect for growing co­ffee. This farm had been abandoned for many years and was ripe for a new project. Here Carlos only grows traditional varieties and is always working on his processes to achieve a better cup result.

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