Carlos Mauricio Lemus & Astrid Liseth Aguilar

Finca Peña Redonda


El Salvador


La Palma


December – March




1,600 MASL


Pacas  Bourbon  Pacamara

“It all started with my father, he was the one that taught me everything,” said Carlos Mauricio Lemus. His father used to be a cattle raiser, but he was always looking for ways to improve his family’s lifestyle and coffee seemed to be the best option to achieve this. For this reason, he decided to change to coffee and after a few years working the land, his children joined him in the business. Carlos and his brothers will always remember how much effort it took to start their coffee business, preparing the land, planting the coffee and waiting a very long time to have the first harvest. That is something that Carlos will never forget and when he looks back, he remembers all the effort time they invested, and he is happy to say that it was worth it.

In 2009 Carlos Mauricio started producing specialty coffee and he also participated in the Cup of Excellence and some other coffee competitions. Their goal was to receive recognition for their efforts and work on the farm. Today, Finca Peña Redonda is a family business. Carlos is the one that coordinates the workers, manages fertilization and everything concerning the coffee trees. His brothers are responsible for the post-harvest and drying processes. Their mother helps them by hand-sorting the parchment and carrying out quality control.

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