Semester: October – December




2,050 MASL



Inza, home to finca El Triunfo, is a municipality located in a sacred valley that sits below the mountains that separate Huila and Cauca. This town has more than 14 centuries of native indigenous history and tradition, making Inza one of Colombia’s richest archaeological treasures. Braulio’s father dedicated his life to coffee and fifteen years ago, he gave a small lot to his son to begin his own production. It was this that kick started Braulio’s motivation and he began to grow his very own coffee trees, he built post-harvest stations, and he started to focus on the production of specialty coffee. Today, he is proud to say that majority of the coffee that he has ever sold has been purchased and considered of specialty coffee quality due to his hard and excellent work. The quality premiums that he receives for his coffee has allowed him to improve the quality of his life. Braulio’s brothers and his wife help him with farm labours. In the short term he wants to continue improving the quality of his coffee. He plans to plant a variety of other trees that will provide shade for the coffee trees, helping his farming environment. He wants to increase the size of his post-harvest stations and improve his farm infrastructure. Braulio has a big vision for his farm he want to be forever improving what he does with the help of his hardworking family.

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