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The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in our warehouses in  Australia, where we store coffee. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.

If you are interested in receiving samples from our Green Coffee Offerings and seeing prices, quantities available and detailed cupping information, please create an account. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

 CountryMarksPackagingLocationQuantity availableCategoryProcessNotes
ColombiaPanela Organic Sugar25kg bagSydney63
ColombiaLa Estrella Del Ostro-Belen35kg GP BagSydney3Community LotFully WashedGrapefruit. tropical. candy. almond. chewy caramel.
ColombiaIsrael Hernandez-Gesha35kg Vac-Pac BoxSydney1MicrolotFully WashedFlorals. Blueberry. vanilla. sugarcane. silky. complex.
ColombiaJose Manuel Cantillo-Gesha35kg GP BagSydney3MicrolotFully WashedMango. jasmine. red currants.
ColombiaLa Serrania Decaf35kg GP BagSydney7Community LotFully WashedBanana, red grape ferment, clean, cocoa, tropical
ColombiaLos Idolos Decaf35kg GP BagSydney24Community LotFully WashedDried fruits, fig, tropical, clean, orange blossom.
ColombiaLos Idolos Decaf35kg GP BagMelbourne32Community LotFully WashedDried fruits, fig, tropical, clean, orange blossom.
ColombiaAlbeirzon Prada Caturra (Anaerobic)35kg GP BagARRIVING AUG (MELB)7Single FarmAnaerobicMulled wine. honey. lemon. raisin. brown sugar.
ColombiaJose Manuel Cantillo - Geisha35kg GP BagARRIVING AUG (SYD)6Single FarmFully WashedLemon myrtle. honey. bergamot. prune. cocoa.
ColombiaJose Ignacio Gomez-Natural Gesha35kg Vac-Pac BoxARRIVING AUG (SYD)1MicrolotNaturalJasmine. honeydew melon. almond.
ColombiaFranco Alexis Garzon Rojas-Tabi Natural35kg Vac-Pac BoxARRIVING AUG (SYD)1MicrolotNaturalMango nectar. sweet pine. molasses.
ColombiaJose Hernan Quintero Londoño-Geisha Honey35kg GP BagARRIVING AUG (SYD)17MicrolotHoney Red currants. ripe fruits. tangerine acidity. complex.
ColombiaJose Elcias Martinez Guzman-Pink Bourbon35kg GP BagARRIVING AUG (SYD)2Single FarmFully WashedBerries. palm sugar. jelly. spices. cocoa.
ColombiaJose Ignacio Gomez-Natural Gesha35kg GP BagARRIVING AUG (SYD)7Single FarmNaturalstewed fruits. tropical. floral. complex.
EcuadorGrace Morales35kg GP BagSydney2Single FarmSemiwashed Pear. panela. tropical. herbal.
GuatemalaLos Ancestros Lot 00134.5kg GP BagSydney174Community LotFully WashedCaramel, toffee, red grape, cream, dark chocolate body, long finish
GuatemalaLos Ancestros Lot 00334.5kg GP BagSydney79Community LotFully WashedComplex tartaric acidity, prune, chocolate, clean aftertaste
MexicoLos Milagros Lot 03134.5kg GP BagSydney120Community LotFully WashedWhite Grape, peach, berries, juicy, cocoa finish
MexicoLas Cotorras Lot 02534.5kg GP BagMelbourne233Community LotFully WashedGrapefruit, honey, sugary soft citrus, chocolate aftertaste
MexicoLos Milagros Lot 03034.5kg GP BagMelbourne168Community LotFully WashedComplex malic acidity, apricots, currants, cocoa.
NicaraguaLas Nubes Lot 634.5kg GP BagSydney73Community LotFully WashedPlum. cardamon. dried fruit. black tea.
NIcaraguaLas Nubes Lot 734.5kg GP BagSydney2Community LotFully WashedToffee. herbaceous. juicy,. cocoa. almond.
NicaraguaLa Cordillera Lot 134.5kg GP BagSydney16Community LotFully WashedGrapefruit. black tea. chocolate. silky.
NIcaraguaLa Cordillera Lot 634.5kg GP BagSydney190Community LotFully WashedWhite Grape, orange peel, pear, caramel finish, structure.
NIcaraguaLa Roca Maracaturra34.5kg GP BagSydney27Community LotFully WashedComplex Citric/Malic acidity, almond, grapefruit,green apple, clean finish
NicaraguaEl Volcan Maracaturra34.5kg GP BagSydney30Community LotFully WashedGrape, chocolate, juicy, banana, caramel, tropical
El SalvadorEl Mural34.5kg GP BagSydney160Community LotFully WashedPastry, almond, citric acidity, earthy, panela sweetness
El SalvadorEl Imposible34.5kg GP BagSydney143Community LotFully WashedGrapefruit, currants, spices, cola, juicy, clean finish


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