Américo Palomino Alanya

Finca Palmachayucc






June – October


La Convención de Cusco


2,100 MASL


Typica  Bourbon

Américo Palomino Alanya started Finca Palmachayucc in 2000 and he began by planting one hectare of Typica plants. In 2005 the producer joined the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Valle de Incahuasi, to help Américo with the exportation with his coffee as well as to receive some technical assistance. Since being part of the group, he has been trained in how to manage his estate. In the year 2010, Américo Palomino Alanya planted an entire hectare of Bourbon to complement the Typica that he already had. Américo’s farm has fantastic soil, with a high proportion of organic matter allowing him to produce great quality coffee in a sustainable way. The natural shade from the mountains and the abundance of trees in the region provides shade to the farm and helps create the organic matter, keeping coffee trees healthy.

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